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Kitson and Christopher Brian Resort Collection Launch Event

December 5, 2007

Kitson and Christopher Brian Resort Collection Launch Event

Well would you just take a look at all the celebs who came out. Where for art thou Donkey?


Ed Hardy Store Opening at Beverly Center Flicks

December 4, 2007

Ed Hardy Store Opening at Beverly Center Flicks

Call me crazy but I have never been overwhelmed by Ed Hardy clothing. If you ask me its nothing more than a bunch of lions, tigers, and bears on shit. That’s cool if it works for you but I vote no.

Send me a press release when a defunct hip hop clothing line makes a comeback. I still have a fresh OutKast shirt waaaay in the back of my closet that I have been waiting to wear since my sophmore year in high school.

Exclusive, Eh?

November 7, 2007
Exclusive, Eh?

Blatant disrespect! Now you know Petey Pablo’s mama told his ass to stay home to make sure her pot of neck bones didn’t boil down and start a fire while she was at revival.
All of the most important figures in the entertainment industry came out to support Chris Brown at his album release party on Tuesday night.

Seriously, the red carpet looks more like a waiting room at the free clinic the week after spring break.

I’m Just Saying . . .

October 26, 2007

I’m Just Saying . . .

The Hollywood premiere of ‘Somebody Help Me’

You know a movie is going to suck when its star says “fuck effort” and doesn’t bother showing up for the premiere. Kiara was right again. What prior engangements could Omarion possibly have had that prevented him from appearing? Driving Bow Wow to his evening shift at Wal-Greens? Oh well, at least Bai Ling and Tootie (sans rollerskates, damn) was there.

Welcome To Whoville

October 16, 2007

Welcome To Whoville

I hate to say it but LaMichael’s beautiful presence couldn’t save the guest list at Jermaine Dupri’s ‘Young, Rich, And Dangerous’ book release party last night. I should have known something was up when Donkey decided to stay home and touch up his new growth.
Is the peace sign the Vulcan salute for irrelevant industry heads? Quddus is that you?! What is a John O’Shanghnessy and why does it look like a fake Jai Rodriguez? Why does Styles P look like DMX around ’97? Isn’t there a movie set Gabrielle Union should be on? I NEED ANSWERS!

Diamond’s Rent Party

September 24, 2007
Diamond’s Rent Party

Correct me if I am wrong but I could’ve sworn that LisaRaye celebrated the big 4-0 a couple years back. Oh well. Who made the potato salad?

Aunt Viv Birthday Bash Flicks

August 22, 2007
Aunt Viv Birthday Bash Flicks

I don’t feel like identifying these people today. Hopefully you already know who the hell they are.
Shesus Khyrst, Bai Ling and Blu Cantrell must have decided to spend a night at the house than burn gas to attend this. Vivica A. Fox celebrated her birthday on Tuesday night with a host of F-list celebs and models at Sol in New York City. Those ‘America’s Next Top Model’ chicks travel by the packs, don’t they? Those broads would show up for the opening of a can of Vienna sausage.

Oh well, I pray one of them was considerate enough to buy Viv a hairline for her born day.

Blu Cantrell and Bai Ling Didn’t Even Bother. Enough Said.

August 17, 2007

Blu Cantrell and Bai Ling Didn’t Even Bother. Enough Said.

Omarosa; Bobby Trendy; Chudney Ross

“Stars” (I’m doing the quotation marks with my fingers) strutted their stuff for a good cause last night at Celebrity Catwalk For Charity. The proceeds that were raised that night went to the Is U Hongray For Fame? Foundation. I’m just trying to do my part by posting this mess.

Claudia Jordan; Kim Kardashian; Jenna Jameson, WTF?!