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Quick Quotes

February 26, 2008
Quick Quotes

Khia, if you are going to crack funnies at the expense of others on your MySpace profile try not to make yourself look ignorant in the process. “Loose weight.” “Ask Trina she’s are new spokes women.” “Garentee.”

*in best Kizzy Rowland voice* Children, school, stay in, it.

“Janet Jackson is a star it’s no question but we’re a little tired of those “Thriller” dancing routines. And all that other stuff she got going on there’s a new generation out here and she only did a handful of features with her brother, Busta, me. I mean she doesn’t really do ’em, but she’s getting old so it’s now it’s…you ain’t in competition with me—give back. I mean that was an opportunity where she could of introduced me, she was on Tyra she was on all those other shows. I didn’t really need that and I don’t do features so I’m not going to say, “Janet I needed you.” But, you called me to do the song, you know I’m an independent female you know I’m a black woman. You already know how much they give us hell, you aint even recovered from the t-shirt malfunction, you’ll never be where Mariah is at right now because you’re Janet—that’s the same thing I go through.”

— Khia on Janet again // via CL

[Thanks Jaylah]


Freakin’ Idiot

January 29, 2008

Freakin’ Idiot

Via Jezebel:

On The View this morning, Sherri Shepherd recounted her close call of almost missing the cutoff for registering to vote via absentee ballot for the election in November. (Shepherd resides in New York, but is a California resident.) And apparently this is the first time that Sherri will be voting…ever! Having turned 18 in 1985, the now-41-year-old has missed out on the past five presidential elections because she “never knew the dates or anything.” She said it was important to vote in this one, though, because otherwise, she wouldn’t have a right to complain on The View about whomever is elected for an entire year. (She probably meant to say “four years.”)

I concur.