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Hello world!

February 29, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Three The Hard Way

February 29, 2008

Three The Hard Way

Teyana Taylor, Estelle, and Kid Sister [love that name for obvious 80’s baby reasons] visited TRL as apart of Spankin’ New Music Week. Be sure to show these three ladies some loves by hitting up their individual MySpace profiles for more music and information.

Doin’ What She Does Best

February 28, 2008
Doin’ What She Does Best

So you say Chris Brown and Rihanna are the new Jay-Z and Bust It Creole, eh? Hmmm . . .

I already have told ya’ll that its all about Fantasia and Young Dro around these parts! Their love looks like it will stand the tests of time, I’m sure. Dro is shouting out his boo left and right on his new mixtape, I Am Legend. [“No Fantasia ain’t pregnant! Stay out our bidness!”] Now that’s love!

But I digress.

Rihanna is back to airing her vajayjay out on stage, enjoy.

She Got That Nasty Woman’s Disease

February 28, 2008

She Got That Nasty Woman’s Disease

Or at least I hope not. The AP sez:

Naomi Campbell has been hospitalized in Sao Paulo and is being treated by one of Brazil’s top specialists in infectious disease, the hospital’s press office said Tuesday.

A publicist for the 37-year-old British supermodel confirmed Campbell was treated at a hospital and had a small cyst removed. There were no other details.

“Naomi Campbell was admitted to hospital … to have a small cyst removed,” her publicist, Jeff Raymond, said in a statement. “Following the successful procedure, she is now resting and is looking forward to getting back to work. She would like to thank the doctors who have kindly looked after her.”

Campbell, a frequent visitor to Brazil, celebrated Carnival earlier this month in the northeastern city of Salvador. She was hospitalized Sunday in Sao Paulo’s Sirio Libanes Hospital.

She is under the care of David Uip, a specialist in infectious diseases, and gynecologist Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, the hospital said in a statement.

“The patient and her advisers have determined that the hospital’s medical staff will not issue any formal or informal information on her medical condition,” the hospital statement said. [source]

Get well soon Nay Nay! The world needs your Blackberry tossing tantrums.

Happy People, Yeah Yeah [1]

February 27, 2008

Happy People, Yeah Yeah [1]

Kanye, Alexis, and Vivica hit up Robert Cavalli Party in Paris. No hate here, everybody looks good. With Paris fashion week in full swing, expect to see more familiar celebrity faces checking out their favorite designers. I wonder if Lil’ Boosie and Webbie have their passports yet.

[1] Somebody mentioned that song yesterday in the comment box and its been stuck in my head every since. So this is how R.Kelly’s voodoo works, eh?

Pleasure Principle

February 26, 2008
Pleasure Principle

Light skin, dark skin, my Asian persuasion! Forget what you may have heard, that shit never gets old with me. I don’t know what she was thinking.

Jermaine Durpi’s chief ball caresser hit ‘Good Morning America’ to promote her new album, Discipline, which drops today. I don’t know about you but the I’m not trying to watch folks slither all over ReRe the Body’s exercise ball first thing in the morning, but whatever. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this album so fans of Penny Woods should be very pleased this time around.

Don’t forget to pick up New Amerykah also, thanks in advance.

Quick Quotes

February 25, 2008

Quick Quotes

Jury duty is not the business! I mean, I may have come up $17 but at what real cost?

Forward with today’s fuckery!

What is my reaction? Oh my God! Are they talking? I love it! I love it! I love it! I have a boyfriend, but I love that they talk, it’s all good. If the lesbians love me and they desire me — beautiful! If the gay men want to be my homegirl or want to be me, it doesn’t matter to me — that’s beautiful! If they think I’m bisexual — great! As long as they think I make good music — whatever!

–Cheri Dennis on trisexual rumors || Interview by my baby daddy in the head Clay Cane

I’m Just Saying . . .

February 22, 2008

I’m Just Saying . . .

I think its safe to say that I stan for Erykah Badu like there is no tomorrow but whoever said [I believe it was Nikki] that she looked looked like Grady Wilson’s finacé was dead on. Fred G. Sanford would be proud.

Get more Baduzisms over at Soul Bounce and Young, Black, and Fabulous.

Give This Lady’s Publicist A Pat On The Back

February 22, 2008
Give This Lady’s Publicist A Pat On The Back

BET’s annual church fashion show went down last night in the Big Apple. This year’s event was hosted by actress Lauren London and rapper Nellywith Diddy at the helm as executive producer.

But none of that shit is important.

Charli Baltimore came out of whatever dungeon she was locked up in and graced the red carpet with her presence!

What the hell is this, Notorious B.I.G. peen sucker’s appreciation day? If Faith shows up on Wireimage I’m turning in my resignation papers.

I’m still in utter disbelief about Charli’s appearance. It’s like getting a random visit at 3am from a junkie relative who you haven’t seen in months; you’re happy to see that they are doing okay but want to get back to sleep.

Now if Baby Stace shows up to the after-party I am going to be too beside myself.

Star Tracks: Mary J. Blige + Kendu Issacs

February 21, 2008

Star Tracks: Mary J. Blige + Kendu Issacs

Willona Woods and K-Ci’s seat filler [cause he is coming back to reclaim this throne one day!] looked fab on the red carpet at the Saks Fifth Avenue Unforgettable Evening on Wednesday. I don’t trust Kendu as far as I can smell him but I will offer some nice words about him today: his deacon board game was proper and on point at the event. There, you happy?

I still think that he has some Curtis Taylor, Jr. shit bubbling under the surface. Until he proves otherwise my side-eye will remain.