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Urgh . . . ?

April 20, 2007

Urgh . . . ?

I was sitting at my desk twirling around in my office chair (I have to burn calories the best way I can you know) listening to “The Best of Clarence Carter” when I got an email from LT over at that stopped me dead in my tracks.

Deelishius or however the hell you spell that ignorant shit used her MySpace as a platform to clear the air about a rumor regarding her alleged pregnancy.

Hey Guys and Gal Pals,

Normally I do not indulge in gossip nor rumor. I try my best to keep a straight face even in the mist of lies and accusation, however I have many friends, fans and even family who have contacted me in concern with the latest rumor…am I pregnant? The answer is NO! Babies are a blessing, but not at this time. I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter who is the light of my life and currently my only child.

I truly appreciate the messages of concern. I also appreciate those individuals who asked me rather than accused me. In the same token, from the looks of the photograph …advertised by MEDIATAKEOUT.COM, I would have assumed the same thing. The photograph is current, taken just 2 weeks ago in South Carolina at a party with Wendy Williams and Charlemaine.

For future reference, there are times when I will appear a little heavier than normal due to hormonal changes that occur during a womans premenstrual cycle, pregnancy is not always the bottom line.

I love you all…and go get them D-Cuts baby!!!!


*side eye* I’m a woman so I totally understand where she is coming from but . . . but . . . I’m not trying to tell you momofuku’s to give me a pass during that time of the month when you see me out at Wal-Mart. You see this __________ right here? I’m not crossing it.

Kim Porter Helps Diddy Shave His Pubes

March 2, 2007
Kim Porter Helps Diddy Shave His Pubes

Love means never having to say you’re sorry. Apparently it is also a pair of smooth nuts.

A week doesn’t go past without us picking up some random Diddy trivia. Here’s another one for you: He likes to shave his pubic hair.

He believes that the smooth look enhances his manhood. The kicker is that he even gets Kim Porter to help him with the intimate job.

“I shave down there. I do it myself – or I have my young lady help me, because I don’t want to get no nicks,” said Diddy. He recently boasted his sex sessions with Kim have lasted up to 28 hours, and claimed they have experimented with tantric sex. (source)