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Why Must I Sigh?

February 28, 2008

Why Must I Sigh?

Sometimes I just want Ty Ty Baby to go away but then I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy Rich’s ANTM posts. The clip above is from last night’s season premiere episode where Tyra talks about her inner struggle or some shit. Here’s what Michael K from Dlisted had to say about this mess:

Last night on “America’s Next Top Model” the girls participated in a photo shoot with homeless girls and were asked to portray their inner struggle while wearing fancy clothes. Tyra Banks understands what it’s like to be homeless, because she was homeless for a day once on her talk show. She really fucking said that. I can’t wait for this season! Every photo shoot will somehow be “near and dear” to Tyra’s heart aka she will find ways to cross-promote her talk show and make things about her. I’m expecting the “Kiss My Fat Ass” photo shoot and the “Burn Your Uncomfortable Bra” photo shoot.


Question of the Day

February 14, 2008

Question of the Day

If you were a judge on the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ panel what would you have to say about this promo picture of Ty Ty Baby?

Burn Baby Burn

February 1, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Ha, look everybody, it’s the boobie brigade.

Ty Ty Baby along with members of her audience peeled off their tops and set their bras on fiyah Thursday.

Proud display of female empowerment? Not so much. I’m sure the show’s topic was about finding the right bra size or something of that nature. Now that’s a cause I can firmaly stand behind. Sleepy chesticles are ruining our society. Have you logged on to lately? It’s like comatose tittays central on that joint. Areolas on life support and shit. Not a good look.

I just have a slight feeling that some people are going to take all this too far though . . .

Is this considered dry snitching?

ANTM Season 10 Promo

January 25, 2008

ANTM Season 10 Promo

Try to contain yourself for this one folks. The 10th season of ANTM premieres February 2oth, hooray.

Star Tracks// Tyra Banks

January 15, 2008

Star Tracks// Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks was sighted leaving of her hotel with investment banker boyfriend John Utendahl. That’s right girl, save your PANTY PUDDING for somebody who has full benefits. Last year a source snitched that Ty Ty Baby refuses to spend the night with men because she doesn’t want to remove her wig in bed. So if you are thinking like I am . . .

So Tyra . . .

September 26, 2007
So Tyra,

Would this wig pass that fan test you were talking about last week? I vote no.

YouTube Clip of the Day

September 17, 2007

YouTube Clip of the Day

Ever wanted to know how Mama Tina picks out Beyaki’s wigs and weaves? Watch the wig crypt production test!

[Thanks Motorbike]

You Sent It: Tyra In Times Square

August 7, 2007

You Sent It: Tyra In Times Square

Hey Fresh. Tyra was in times square today doing show promotion or a segment, I’m not sure. Its about 4:34pm… I work on Broadway so I was on a break and seen a crowd in the middle of the street and dodged traffic to see what the commotion was about…. anyway, she looked really pretty, not a giant amazon woman as I expected. And she had bangs which hid her lace front hairline, which is what I really wanted to see when everyone said it was Tyra Banks. Lol

She was talking to some young woman holding a toddler in her arms. And was taking
pictures with her camera phone of the girl….

Their not the best pics and were taken with my sidekick…

Tina the Diva

It’s All In The Eyes

August 2, 2007

It’s All In The Eyes

Since the inception of Top Model girls (and no hand pork chop sandwich eating guys) everywhere have been using tips from the show to spice up their pictures. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

When a younger cousin asked for my honest opinion about her senior pictures I told her the truth; she looked hungry and cold. To which she replied, “See? That’s the look I was going for!”

What I guess I am trying to say is know when to say no to raw emotion.

The Queen of the Dramatics showed the kids how it is done during a photo shoot in NYC’s Central Park.

Enough Is Enough

May 2, 2007
Enough Is Enough

click for full cover

By a show of hands, how many of you are tired of Tyra? That’s what I thought. She has become the epidemic she is always blabbing about. From here on out this broad is on probation until she does something that is actually newsworthy. Paying bills and shit is no longer going to cut it. Unless you are Bobby Brown.

Model Tyra Banks shows she’s back in shape – after a series of unflattering photos appeared in the press. The catwalk beauty poses on the cover of the June 2007 issue of US fitness magazine ‘Shape’ in a white bikini, showing off her curves. She tells the publication: “If I have cellulite on my butt, so what! I think I’m beautiful and if you have a problem with that, so what.”

Body acceptance is a wonderful thing but didn’t she get her point across in People? Let’s also not forget that she commemorated her Sports Illustrated solo cover like it was a fallen soldier. Jesus be a fence.