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Arnold Got His Swagger Back!

February 27, 2008
Arnold Got His Swagger Back!

Gary Coleman and his old lady Shannon made a trip to the Today Show to talk about their beautiful union. I still can’t believe dude married somebody the same age as me but then again this is Gary-fuckin-Coleman we’re talking about. Say something nice, kids.

Arnold Is Off The Market

February 13, 2008

Arnold Is Off The Market

Woman hold your head and cry!

Being the proud owner of a vagina I am utterly devastated by the news that Gary Coleman is a happily married man. I will never get to experience Arnold’s dry and cracked fingers caressing the small of my back in the midnight hour.

Not that the newlyweds don’t have their differences. “We may go a week and not speak to each other,” he says, while she claims, “He lets his anger conquer him sometimes. … He throws things around, and sometimes he throws it in my direction.”

She adds, “I don’t like the violence.” [Red flag much? – – Fresh]

Then there is the fact that he stands 4’8″, while she is more than 5’7″. But, says the bride: “He was 10 feet tall to me, because he was sweet and I really liked his personality.”

As for the 18 years between them, “I don’t have issues with age, I have issues with intelligence,” says Coleman. “She’s more intelligent than I am, and that’s what matters to me.”

Price handles the sale of Coleman’s memorabilia on e-Bay, and says that when she met him on the set of the movie Church Ball she wasn’t aware of his fame. [source]

I’m just saying, doesn’t Shannon remind you of Roach from ‘The People Under The Stairs’ a little bit? Still a lovely couple.