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You Sent It! // LaMike’s Essence

February 13, 2008

You Sent It! // LaMike’s Essence

Hi Fresh!

I apologize if you have seen this already but I had to send you Lamichael featured in Essence (excuse the bootleg scanning). I bet you thought that was Jurnee Smollett, Tristan Wilds, and Raven-Symone in the pic but Lamike shut these hoes down and posed as everybody! These hoes can’t understand his range and versatility! I had to laugh at the last line where he said he used to watch his mom on tour and in movies and was just so inspired. On a serious note, I have been a fan of your site since 2006 and ya’ll have helped me get through many a work day.

— Tamz


Star Tracks: LaMike + Nem

February 7, 2008
Star Tracks: LaMike + Nem

Evan Ross + 2 Danity Kane kids @ the New York Giants Super Bowl Party

One hot serving of tittay gravy and a freakum hoodies in the same day? I don’t think my poor heart can take it! I’m not sure what the deal is between my boo and that Danity Kane child [flashback], but that mess needs to come to an end. I refuse to sit back and watch her taint my babycakes. No ma’am! I bet she has a vile of meth in her purse. Some folks are just not to be trusted.

Like Father, Like Son

November 19, 2007
Like Father, Like Son

Are you sick of LaMike yet? I’m not, which is why I am doing this post. Work with me people! If you can grin and bear Beyowulf’s five day lace front forecast then you can stand this rain.

Your boy fell through Fabolous’ AMA post-party on Sunday night resembling a hipster Mother Theresa. Just look at this child. He even has MJ’s weird red carpet poses down pat. I can’t wait to see those two on the cover of Jet arm in arm.

Hands Off Hayden!

November 15, 2007

Hands Off Hayden!

I have been having a hard time lately keeping LaMike to stay faithful to me. I blame the weather. Most couples normally stay inside, eat, and “do the grown up” with each other during the winter months. Not us.

Oh well, I guess I could always hook up with The Dealer but Hayden better keep her paws off of my man. She is going to need those regeneration powers she has on Heroes after I circle around her block with the wolf pack like Alicia Keys.

I’ll leave this broad hurt, murked, and put in the dirt.

Quick, Hand Me My Shank

October 29, 2007

Quick, Hand Me My Shank

The homeland security threat level is now in the orange! LaMichael was spotted over the weekend canoodling with Danity Kane member Aubrey O’ Day in New York City.

Father, I stretch my hands to Thee, No other help I know! I can’t believe this.

Memo to LaMike: Jump off, jump off, the girl is a jump off. Don’t go into the light. Drop your mayonnaise off in another salad.

It’s the King homie.

LaMike Is Coming Out With An Album?!

October 8, 2007
LaMike Is Coming Out With An Album?!

For many of you this will be the first time you ever heard LaMichael speak. Remember to change your pantyliner after you’re done watching.

Blackarazzi caught up with LaMike outside of L.A. hot spot Opera, where he chatted about his upcoming projects which includes an album! This is great. I pray that he does a soulful collaboration with Terrence Howard. All that slickness and zest in on one track would be bananas.

[Thanks JFish]

LaMichael Finds Romance

October 4, 2007
LaMichael Finds Romance In Lizzie McGuire

Evan Ross has been cast opposite former Disney Channel superstar-turned-pop singer Hilary Duff in the film “Greta,” an interracial teen dramedy for Whitewater Films.

Duff plays the title role of a waitress who falls in love with her a cook at the restaurant they work. After they take their romance to the next level, Greta confronts the concern of her grandparents (Ellen Burstyn, Michael Murphy) about her new boo’s criminal past.

Director Nancy Bardawil is currently shooting “Greta” in New Jersey.

LaMike has also finished shooting “Black Water Transit” opposite Laurence Fishburne, as well as “Brooklyn to Manhattan,” “Life is Hot in Cracktown” and “Linewatch.”

Hilary Duff has a crazy fan base so this movie may be a good crossover look for our boy. She better not cut my baby with those big ass horse teeth. That’s probably why Joe Madden quit that bitch and knocked up Nicole Richie.

You Sent It! // LaMike’s Look-A-Like

September 25, 2007
You Sent It! // LaMike’s Look-A-Like

Hey Crunk,

Over the weekend I celebrated my Bday at Club Chaos in Washington D.C. to see the Drag Queen Show. During the show they had a runway model contest and look who’s twin brother decided to enter the contest and WIN! [The blessings of LaMike cover us all. — Fresh] He was cute as hell. My cousin was in the the contest also, so of course I was screamin my ass off for her, but I couldnt go without giving LaMichael pt. 2 a big round of applause also.

[Thanks Katina!]


September 18, 2007
You Sent It: SCANDAL!

I am late as hell! I need to step my stalk game up. How did I let this slide pass me? Visit Sandra Rose for the uncensored flicks. Perv!

Why come you are always making fun of Gorilla Zoe? Everytime you mention him I do one of them Mr. Burns type laughs… I grew up with him so it’s funny to see his little name mentioned like he’s somebody… we finally made it… anyway, I wanted to send you this flicks of LaMicheal cause I ain’t know if you see them yet and they shole is crunk. Keep up the good work!


You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

September 12, 2007

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Earlier this morning I thought I spotted my Norwegian sugar drop seated in the front row at the Heatherette show, but wasn’t 100 percent sure. Hell, I thought he was one of those B5 kids that have been plastered in ads all over the site. After conducting a full scale investigation (read: checking my email) I was able to determine that it was LaMike. You can thank me by sending donations to my PayPal account.

That was close! I almost missed out on all that creamy goodness. One of my all-time favorite bloggers (second to Chudney, of course) Clay Cane caught up with Evan on the red carpet at the premiere of ‘The Brave One.”

Clay says that young, sex god (my words, not his) was polite but seemed a little irritated when he asked him if he’d let Michael Vick watch one of his pets. Clay is so silly! He knows that Tashera and X are old enough to stay at home unattended.

[picture via A Socalite’s Life – – thanks Katrina]