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Quick Quotes

February 12, 2008

Quick Quotes

I know many of you have had a hard time coping with the untimely break up of Gel-N-Weave but hopefully Diamond’s interview in King will provide solace during this difficult time.

K: We don’t want no problems, so we’ll keep it focused on you. How can a man rock your hips?

D: He has to be a loving son of God, first and foremost. He has to have money, be able to take care of me and have a lot of common sense and street sense too – ’cause how the world is today, it’s crazy.

K: It’s not really that bad, is it?

D: Life is crazy. You ain’t turned to Maury lately? People are crazy?

. . . Now if Maury is believed to be accurate depiction of the world we live in today, Lord take me in your loving arms. Check out today’s C+D Vault Pick under the cut.


Heartbreaking News Regarding Gel-N-Weave

November 29, 2007

Heartbreaking News Regarding Gel-N-Weave

As many of you probably are aware of by now Diamond [Gel] has left Crime Mob to pursue a solo career. OMG! Rumors reached a fever pictch on Tuesday when Crime Mob hit the red carpet at the Dirty Awards without Lil’ Scrappy’s boo.

Diamond is no longer in the group right now,” Princess [Weave]told SOHH before the show. “She is working on a solo career but we still wish her well. She has a mix tape called ‘B-word’ Music. Go check her out on MySpace. It’s still love but we had to keep the business going and keep money flowing.”

Princess said there’s no beef, but it’s unfortunate that they couldn’t work things out as a group.

“It’s sad we couldn’t carry on … but it is what it is,” Princess said. “You just gotta keep the ball rolling. Everybody got their own agenda.”

Crime Mob just opened another budget for the group’s upcoming third album and Princess’ new mixtape is slated to drop in December. She just took new pictures for the cover.

“Y’all will enjoy it,” she said. “It’s no features, no skits, no intros, no outros, just me,” [source]

Can we have a moment of silence for “Stilletto Pumps” please?

Crime Mob – "Circles"

October 3, 2007

Crime Mob – “Circles”

Meerkats are having the best year ever.

What in the Friends of Distinction hell?! Gel N Weave put on their best lace fronts and sex up their images in the video for “Circles.” There’s nothing quite like listening to country ass window lickers rap about relationship woes and relations.

Get Your Cousin Please

August 13, 2007

Get Your Cousin Please

Princess of Crime Mob
Are those House of Dead Wrong denim shorts? If so, I may need to buy a pair.

Southern artists/industry heads united in Miami to discuss important topics like what brand of cigars burn longest and lace front application tips at TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers Music Conference. The annual event is apart of Ozone Magazine award show weekend. The big shabang goes down tonight so stay tuned for more mess to come.

Blood Raw; Pitbull; TJ Chapman; Diamond; Lil’ Scrappy

Trey Songz

Jacki-O; Slim Thug; Titty Boi of Playaz Circle

No Justice, No Peace

May 25, 2007

No Justice, No Peace

Gel-N- Weave; Lil’ Scrappy; WTF?

When news broke earlier this week that Diamond (one half of Gel-N-Weave) was arrested and charged with aggravated assault I was devastated. After learning that her bond was posted at $20,000.00 I did what any other CEO would and sprung into action: I hit up amateur night at the strip club.

And rocked my hips, then waved and sipped.

Diamond celebrated her 19th birthday in a fuck effort themed bash on Tuesday night. Visit Dennis Byron to view more pics from the bash. Also be sure to check out Sandra Rose’s chit-chat with Lady Di.

Gel-N-Weave @ MTVU Music Festival

May 2, 2007

Gel-N-Weave @ MTVU Music Festival

I told ya’ll Kitchen Azz Records was taking over in 2007! Minutes after the ink dried on our distribution deal with Koch I treated my break out group Gel-N-Weave to the all you can eat seafood buffet at Golden Corral to cap off the big day. You should’ve seen us chilling in the smoking section cracking open crab legs with our grills, straight stuntin’ like a couple of dollar menunaires. If I close my eyes and enhale real deep I can still smell the black n’ mild smoke. Sniff.

Check out more pictures of the girls plus flicks of Monica, a shirtless Rich Boy, Rick Ross, Fabolous and others at Sandra Rose.

Fresh Flicks: The 2006 Dirty Awards

October 10, 2006
Fresh Flicks: The 2006 Dirty Awards
Kitchen Ass Hair Records was definitely in the building at the Dirty Awards last night. It feels so good to be a young black entrepreneur. Two of my latest acts AirTight and Lagacy (yes, Lagacy)made an appearance on the red carpet and press area. Be on the look out for Gel-N-Weave album I’m Fresh Up Outta Bonding Glue hitting stores and bootleg stands in Neveruary 3010. We major!

Ciara; Ludacris; AirTight; Sammie; Sleepy Brown; Bone Crusher

Unfresh! : Diamond & Princess of Crime Mob @ The Ozone Awards

August 7, 2006

Unfresh! : Diamond & Princess of Crime Mob @ The Ozone Awards

You didn’t know I was starting my own label, did you? It’s launching Neveruary 32nd, 2097 baby! And these two broads are going to be my ticket out of the ghetto.

Diamond and Princess could’ve stayed at the house, seriously. Fashion Bug fashionistas! I think Diamond hit up Trina’s yard sale a couple of days before the show.