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Tears For Fears

September 20, 2007

Tears For Fears

To quote the artist, what kind of fuckery is this? Wow, I didn’t know John Coffey knew how to play the drums.

Amy Wino’s performance at last night’s MOBO Awards was a hot, tipsy mess.

The Sun reports that during her performance of “Tears Dry On Their Own” she pulled at her dress and gripped the mic stand as she swayed precariously. Her version of “Me And Mr Jones” was slightly better – at least she remembered the words.

Her list for backstage essentials included a bottle of vodka, two bottles of Jack Daniels, two bottles of Veuve Cliquot, two bottles of red wine and 48 Heineken beers. That explains a lot.

Her crackhead shimmy dance is to be envied. Incredible.

Poor Fashawn

September 10, 2007

Poor Fashawn

Read it and weep:

A repossession crew got a surprise when a 4-year-old boy leaped out of the sport-utility vehicle they were towing away.

Fashawn Parker, of Naperville, was sitting in the back seat of a Ford Excursion that was parked outside of a house on Thursday when the repo crew approached, hooked the car to a tow truck and began driving away, Aurora police spokesman Dan Ferrelli said.

Fashawn opened the door and jumped out into a construction area, Ferrelli said. It was not known how fast the truck was going, Ferrelli said, but the truck was moving in slow traffic because of construction.

Fashawn was treated for minor injuries and released from a nearby hospital.

The tow truck stopped after a colleague in a separate car phoned the driver to tell
him that someone had fallen out of the back seat of the SUV, Ferrelli said.

No charges were filed against the two men driving the repo truck, police said, adding that the men checked the back of the truck and did not see the boy inside. (source)

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The Devil Made Him Do It

August 28, 2007

The Devil Made Him Do It

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bishop Beatdown Thomas Weeks greeted with cheers and applause as he was introduced during service Sunday at Global Destiny Ministries, the Atlanta church he founded. Addressing the congregation just two days after turning himself in to authorities on the charges, Rev. Ike, I meant, Weeks said the devil was behind his current situation. He also expressed appreciation for the prayers and support he and his wife have received.

“We’ve got certain things going on right now, but I refuse to stop coming to the house God built,” he said during his brief appearance before introducing a guest minister and leaving the room.

As previously reported, police said Weeks choked Bynum, pushed her to the ground and started to kick and stomp on her during an argument on Aug. 21 outside a hotel. A hotel employee stepped in and pulled Weeks off her, police said.

Currently free on bond, Weeks was charged with aggravated assault and terroristic threats following the confrontation, which police say left his estranged wife badly bruised. He is due in Fulton County Superior Court on Sept. 7.

Meanwhile, members of his congregation at Global Destiny Ministries have decided to wait for all the facts before passing judgment or taking sides in the matter.

“There are three sides to every story,” said frequent visitor Shannon Mayers, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Nobody has the right to judge anybody. God is in the midst of that and will work it out.” (source)

You Sent It: Credit Pimp

August 20, 2007

You Sent It: Credit Pimp

I only have four words to mutter: is this for real?
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