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I’m Buying Whatever You’re Selling, Sweetheart

November 30, 2007

I’m Buying Whatever You’re Selling, Sweetheart

*SIGH* I don’t have to say it, you already know. TGIF!

Foggin’ Up The Windows

November 8, 2007

Foggin’ Up The Windows

I see you over there tweaking your nipples like a radio dial. It’s alright girl, it’s okay. Consequence is like a big spoonful of your favorite guilty pleasure after a long day at the office. With no visible windows in sight he looks like he is about to break free and lick a photog’s camera lens at any given moment. I wonder who would win in a lick off between him and Jo Jo Simmons. Showtime needs to set that match up.

You Sent It! // Gaymonn Hollow Ween [Ahem]

November 7, 2007

You Sent It! // Gaymonn Hollow Ween [Not An Error]

Fresh darling, Hands down – Andre is the fashion king… or queen, depending on how you look at it. I spotted these over at CSB – Who the hell else could be a sexy bearded belly dancer? At least he’s on trend with the red lipstick! I love that boy.

Me too India. Me too. Thank you girl! [Visit India over at GlamBush]

Jessica White, Who?

October 30, 2007

Jessica White, Who?

Not too many people can stand next to Amanda Lepore and hold their own. Gaymon’s long, silky weave is a delightful contrast to his scruffy beard. He unleashed his zest during the Night Life Awards at Spotlight New York City on Monday. Tell the truth and shame the devil, you wouldn’t hit that?

And Now A Very Special Get Me Bodied Post

October 15, 2007

And Now A Very Special Get Me Bodied Post

I will add add a single rose later but for now, behold, Dr. Cornel West at the ’07 BET Hip Hop Awards. Don’t laugh at my photoshop skills.

Get Familiar

October 10, 2007

Get Familiar

Max B is like the RC Cola version of Dirt Angel. If you are thirsty he will get the job done, but he’s never your first choice. However, anybody who has the potential to smell like an old rag drenched in rancid spiced ham juice is alright with me. Would you just look at him. Poise and grace like that doesn’t come often in the grime game. I vote yes.
[Thanks Essy]

Men With Titties Overload

October 9, 2007

Men With Titties Overload

The gossip game is boring as hell today. I’ve had more fun watching Tocarra sell ass on ‘Take The Cake.’ I don’t give a fuck about Rihanna walking that dog, J. Lo denying she is knocked up for the millionth time, or Halle enjoying morning sickness. I was thisclose to logging off and playing in traffic before spotting Max Joesph and the other Biggie hopefuls. Now I have something to live for.

Gaymon Is Love

September 28, 2007

Gaymon Is Love

My blog friend India-Jewel from GlamBlush spotted the one and only GAYMON at benefit last night! *swoon* I may have to break my no interview policy and have a one-on-one with him. He can drop his mayonnaise off in my salad any time. Although I seriously doubt he would ever accept the invite. But hey, the offer still stands!

GAYMONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Look at the muscle definition. His work out game is sick. Def Bird Gang inductee material.

He was HOUNDED by cameras – you’d think his name was Marilyn Monroe for real. Shaggy (Mr. Boombastic) came in right before him, and Gaymon stole his shine.

BTW, took a flick with him and told him I was gonna send it in to C&D, because we straight STAN for his ass. He says he loves it, visits C&D on the regular, and loves your site.

Get You Wet

September 10, 2007
Get You Wet

Reader Meeky P spotted C+D celebrity Gaymonn (Andre J) dressed as a casket sharp mermaid at the Moa Magazine party. Be sure to visit Andre’s myspace profile to learn more about the man behind the colossal wigs and high heels.

Sweet Action

September 4, 2007

Sweet Action

Make no mistakes about it, Papa Williams is sofa king hot. It should be a crime to have velvety smooth legs like that strolling down Madison Ave. No less than five accidents were started because of his hot steps, I’m sure. And bravo to the lady walking alongside! It takes a real woman to handle all that chocolate.

I’m making this picture the wallpaper on my cell phone.