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Style Jury

February 8, 2008

Style Jury

What’s your verdict on the outfit Lil’ Mama rocked to the Grammy Awards Westwood One Radio Remotes?

Style Jury

January 29, 2008

Style Jury

Killin’ you hoes in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Wow, I have nothing. What’s your verdict on Tonex’s outfit?

Style Jury

January 23, 2008
Style Jury

Oh how I just love it when one of my favorite bloggers echo my inner thoughts. I don’t get the romper-shirt thing either, Razzi. What’s your verdict on Keyshia’s outfit?

While you guys are in the comment box trying to reach a verdict, I am going to make a quick confession.

After attending a MLK event this past Monday I came home and watched the ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is’ marathon for the rest of the day. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen, it was like BET had me in an ignorant trance of some sort. That shit ain’t right, Debra. Hopefully I will get it right next year.

KeyLoLo is MTV’s artist of the week, hooray! But I am going to need for the execs at the network to pull that one commercial where she is sitting on her tour bus talking about how much she loves animals immediately. The cold look in her eyes while she clutches that little pooch is crazy. I’m starting to think that she is the Elmyra Duff of the hood.

Wooly Mammoth Game Proper

January 22, 2008

Wooly Mammoth Game Proper

Before you say something slick about having to alert PETA about Nay Nay’s outfit let me be the first to applaud this broad for finding enough of Janice Combs’ yaki wefts in her Barney bag to create a jacket. That shit is brilliant! Now with that being said, don’t ask me why she is smiling like her fairy crack mother just lined her pockets with a gift.

Top Models

January 17, 2008
Top Models

OMG, that trucker hat would go lovely with my Birdman Lugz! I said it once, I will say it a thousand times, this Ed Hardy shit is just not for me. My head starts to spin if I look at the designs for too long but if it looks right on you, by all means, rock it well.
[source via XXLMAG.COM]

Casket Toss // Omarion + Solange

December 27, 2007

Casket Toss // Omarion + Solange

I’m soooo rocking this look to The Dealer’s New Years Eve party. I just love Omarion and Solange. Wait til I get my money right, I am going to incorporate tons of scarves and yaki wild lace front wigs in my wardrobe.

Who swagged it out better?

What About Richard?!

December 21, 2007

What About Richard?!

Venus Williams was named one of2007’s best dressed celebs by Vogue magazine. I’m not saying I disagree but the simple fact that Papa Richard and his sexii legs were not mentioned in the article did sorta piss me off.

You’re overcooking my grits, Andre Leon Talley.

Read: Venus In Vogue [Tennis Week]

[Thanks George]

My Sentiments Exactly

November 19, 2007

My Sentiments Exactly

I was debating in my head for a good 30 minutes whether I should toss Solange in a casket or not for the . . . interesting rags she wore to the American Music Awards on Sunday night before coming to the conclusion that it would probably be best if you decide. I vote no. And yourself?

Style Jury

October 12, 2007

Style Jury

While I would never be caught dead exposing my back fat while wearing Beyaki’s “I’m letting my scalp breathe” head gear, I couldn’t bring myself to toss Rihanna in the casket for this outfit.

What’s your verdict?

Star Tracks: Evan Ross

September 17, 2007

Star Tracks: Evan Ross

Evan hanging out in the West Village, New York.
LaMike credited dreary day Diana with giving him fashion advice as a youngster. “She would always let us wear whatever we wanted, but sometimes she would see something and say, ‘I need you to switch to this. You’ll like it better.'”

Keeping your tang game proper as an adolescent can be such a daunting task. Especially if you have a tacky ass mama. I remember thumbing through Delia’s catalogs with my cousin Kiwi (born Kenneth) during home room in junior high, searching high and low for a tech vest that complimented his hazel contacts.

But I digress.

Meth lab chic was the inspiration for LaMike’s dashing outfit. Damn that boy is cold.