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The New Video Is Bananas

February 28, 2008
The New Video Is Bananas

Remember that crazy ass video Ashanti released a couple of weeks ago for her single “The Way That I Love You” ? Well, turns out that was a leaked, unofficial version. Or at least that’s what her record label wants us to believe! I’m not drinking one sip of that kool-aid. If you ask me, they probably put that mess out there themselves just to see what type of feedback the public would give and turned around and made changes where they saw necessary.

But at the end of the day this is ASHANTI we are talking about! I mean really. Anyway, the singer said the inspiration behind the video is the television show ‘Snapped’ that airs on the Oxygen Network. OMG! Makes sense now. Bananas, yo! Check it out under after the jump.


Hip-Hop Lives

February 26, 2008

Hip-Hop Lives

I can feel the raw emotion oozing out of my screen like yellow pus. I should’ve posted this on Valentine’s Day but better late than never. I fux with Bust It Creole and everything but this is who should play Etta James on the big screen.

[Thanks J. Fish]