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More Sound Advice From Khia

December 7, 2007

More Sound Advice From Khia

For the following I have no words.

Hey Khia,

My name is Monica and I’m currently living in GA. My husband and I are swingers. Yes swingers. Please don’t judge us on that because I really need your advice on something. Ok, my hubby and I have lots of great sex with each other but he usually doesn’t make a lot of noises like moaning until he cums at the end. Well, us being swingers have never bothered me until now. This couple that we have been seeing are real cool and everything but when he’s inside of her, he’s moaning really loud the whole time, and it really bothers me. What should I do?


What’s really hood Monica,

Let me start off by saying that I never judge, only God can judge. I’m only here to keep it real. As for my advice, you chose to open up Pandora’s box and now its back to bite you in the ass. Plain and simple, your husband is tired of your pussy and you ain’t really excited about him either. The both of ya’ll enjoy fucking other people so ya’ll really can’t be enjoying each other too much. So fuck on if that’s what makes you happy. Don’t go start catching feelings now, let’s be real. New is always better than old pussy. The new pussy makes him moan and your pussy makes him want to fuck somebody else. I’m sure he enjoys watching other men long dick you but the moaning and excitement been long gone, so get over it. You’re a swinger for crying out loud. Find you a new dick to swing on. I got an idea, how about this. Let her fuck you so you can see what all the moaning is about. He fucks her, she sucks you, and everybody’s happy. Ya’ll so nasty!

YouTube Clip of the Week

November 9, 2007

YouTube Clip of the Week

The only thing I have to say is . . .

Cop: What’s the problem here?

Lady: A massacre.

Cop: A massacre?

Lady: Yeah, if you fuck with me that what’s its going to be.


[Thanks India // Clip via Dlisted]

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

November 8, 2007

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

A 73-year-old Georgia woman claims in court papers that she married James Brown in 1953 and they never divorced.

Attorney David Bell said Velma Warren Brown claims the late soul singer never served her with divorce papers.

Bell said his client has filed court papers in South Carolina saying the couple had three children and lived together for 17 years. He also said they saw each other in December, just weeks before Brown died in a Georgia hospital. He was 73.

One of Brown’s former backup singers, Tomi Rae Hynie, has claimed she is Brown’s fourth wife, and is involved in a dispute over singer’s estate. (source)

All I have to say is it took how long to realize this shit? I mean really Velma.

YouTube Clip of the Day

October 29, 2007
YouTube Clip of the Day

I guess robust zest is the underlining theme for today.

Singer/reality show contestant Sisqo recently serenaded Ciara at her birthday party in D.C. How random! Negroids are really running around thinking this is 2001. First Ja Rule, now Sisqo. Let me find out that Angie Martinez is about to drop another album.

Seriously, isn’t having Sisqo sing at your function the equivalent to hiring a midget to jump out of a cake?


One Blood

October 25, 2007
One Blood

Put your hands where my eyes can see.

A woman with her hands painted blood-red confronted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the US Congress Wednesday, shouting “war criminal” before being hauled away by Capitol security. [Watch the video]

Desiree Farooz accosted Rice ahead of her appearance at a House of Representatives hearing on US foreign policy, waving her hands just centimeters (inches) from the diplomat’s face inside the committee meeting room as television cameras captured the confrontation.

“The blood of millions of Iraqis is on your hands,” Farooz shouted, before police wrestled her away.

Several other people, members of the anti-war activist group Code Pink, were subsequently ejected from the room. (source)

Excuse me but I’ve got to go lay down and get my mind right. I’ll be back.

Caption This!

October 19, 2007

Caption This!

Terry McMillian cutting her birthday cake at An Evening with Victoria Rowell and Friends at the Harlem Hospital Center

Foxy’s Blackout

October 12, 2007

Foxy’s Blackout

This footage is apparently of Foxy Brown during the New York City Blackout back in 2003. Don’t ask me why this clip has just now made its way to the net. Blame it on old fashion procrastination. Anyway, after chilling in a traffic jam, Fox Boogie decides to chase down a cyclists before one of his boys threatens to hit her ass with the club.

Remy Ma would’ve pulled her pistol out and start dumping into momfukas’ stomachs. No questions asked.

[Thanks V]

Jesus Be A Publicist

October 9, 2007

Jesus Be A Publicist

Necole Bitchie is trying to destroy me. I . . . I don’t even know what to say about Ike Turner today. Just listen to the interview and draw your own conclusion.

Something In The Milk Ain’t Clean

October 5, 2007

Something In The Milk Ain’t Clean

I’m too lazy to post all the pictures from VH1’s Hip Hop Honors Show (it’s Friday!) but I couldn’t let these two slide, especially after reading Reen’s email.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST pics of Teddy Riley looking ashy mouthed, and Tweet’s hair looking bigger than Wendy Williams.

Also a little tidbit I heard on the radio today was that Questlove was accosted “Eddie Kane” style by Chico DeBarge outside the show. The image itself killed me 3 times over.

Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Teddy auction off some of his studio equipment on eBay a couple years back? Good grief, somebody give that man a warm bowl of Cream of Wheat and a word of encouragement.

And Tweet? Opps, oh my is right.

My homie Juicy has tons of pictures from the show. Check her out and show some love.

My Big Fat Tranny Funeral

October 3, 2007
My Big Fat Tranny Funeral

Sanjaya & Brooke Hogan; Bobby Trendy; Jonny Fairplay

Presented to you commentary free, the 2007 Fox Reality Awards. Enjoy.

Ant; Saph-whatever the hell, I don’t have the patience today; Chris Crocker

Janice Dickinson & Richard Rubin ; Perez Hilton; Willie Mack

Alexis Arquette & Chris Crocker