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Lil’ Kim Disses Remy Ma Again

December 14, 2007

Lil’ Kim Disses Remy Ma Again

Kimberly just doesn’t know when to quit. Your girl has dissed Cognac Jack on wax again, this time rhyming over Lauryn Hill’s “Lost One” track. My aplogizes if this is a few days old but I had to spread the kitty litter around. All I have to say about this mess is that neither one of these bitches want to see Sole! Ay yi yi yi yi yi yi yi!

Me & Miss Jones

September 11, 2007

Me & Miss Jones

BV Newswire reports that Troi “Star” Torain is currently sopping around a book project, titled “Yes, I’ve Met Miss Jones” after he learned that the now Hot 97 morning host devoted 30 pages to Star in her book, “Have You Met Miss Jones.”

Miss Jones short-lived contributions to my grind came at a point in her life where she has already admitted to being desperate for a dollar,” he fired back. “After leaving such a lasting impression on her, I now take this opportunity to drive the nail home for the sake of my legacy.” “Having already addressed my time at Hot 97 in my book, here I will use a more low-grade approach to describe the time spent with my one time bottom hoe,” the eyebrow raising lightning rod furthered.

“I initially excluded Miss Jones from my book because from my book because of the fact that when she rode with me, she claimed to be saved by Jesus,” he continued, warning not to “laugh just yet!”

“Therefore knowing that her brand of Hate is solely for the purposes of amusement and not education, I didn’t want to put the burden of my philosophy on her Styrofoam plate,” he continued. Torain, who has alluded to having sexual relations with Jones in the past, today said “we were in love with each other five days a week,” when asked about the tryst(s). “I dont think I’e cared for a black b#$%& since then.”