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You Sent It // Project Wedding

February 5, 2008

You Sent It // Project Wedding


I HAD to send this in so that you can post this and clown these people. This is worst than that last wedding you posted.

– – WonderWoman

Here we go with today’s word [unibrow] again.

Crack Tracks: Bobby + Alicia

January 28, 2008
Crack Tracks: Bobby + Alicia

I didn’t get the chance to watch ‘Gone Country’ when it debuted on Friday night but I made up for it over the weekend. So what’s the word? I’m in love with the show already! If you are anything like me and thought that Eddie Cain Jr. deserved an Emmy for ‘Being Bobby Brown’ this show should satisfy your hunger pain for HAM.

Bobby and his latest get high partner Alicia Etheridge was spotted over the weekend at LAX with a cute pooch in tow. Put em on the top of your prayer lists.

Ring The Alarm

January 4, 2008

Ring The Alarm

I heard about this story earlier this week but didn’t really pay attention until I peeped ol’ girl’s mug shot flick about an hour ago. Holy shiz Batman.

A former Miss Pima County and current University of Arizona law school student has been freed on bond and authorities are searching for an ex-boyfriend accused of helping her kidnap and assault another former boyfriend.

An indictment and police descriptions of Kumari Fulbright’s alleged actions in early December seem to contradict her public persona as a Tucson beauty queen and serious student who just finished a semester as an unpaid extern for a federal judge.

The 25-year-old, midway through her second year in law school, faces a long prison term if convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated assault.

A Dec. 18 indictment in Pima County Superior Court accused Fulbright of forcibly holding and torturing a 24-year-old former boyfriend 10 days earlier with the help of three other men, including an earlier ex. [source]

Is this another bad case of island dick? The world may never know.

2007 Dirty Awards Flicks

November 27, 2007
2007 Dirty Awards Flicks

So this is what the life after “Party Like A Rockstar” looks like, ay gang? Hope that ringtone paper is sufficient.

Slap on your best tall black tee and crank that roadrunner, the 3rd Annual Dirty Awards are here. The awards highlight all types of Southern fuckery ranging from artist of the year to the most bootlegged CD.

Damn it feels good to see people up on it. [sarcasm sold separately]