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Quick Quotes

February 1, 2008

Quick Quotes

Trey Songz – ‘Can’t Help But Wait (Remix)’ Feat. Plies

“Help you grease your scalp while I drank yak. ” – – Plies

Wow, this guy is such a winner.

Knocked Up

January 7, 2008

Knocked Up

Sandra Rose broke the news last week that T.I. and longtime girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle are expecting another baby but I never got around to doing a post about it.

Tiny posted the news on her Myspace profile, stating they are expecting a boy. It’ll be T.I.’s fifth child and the couple’s second after 3-year-old King Harris.

I knew this one was coming [no pun] after Clifford released that random ass video of him chillaxin’ around his house. Nothing but a lot of coupon clipping and smashing is going on in the Harris household nowadays. Congratulations kids! That litter keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.

I Vote No

January 3, 2008
I Vote No

I find it pretty funny that Ballerina P leaked a video clip of himself getting frisky with a lady friend in a hotel about three minutes after this press release landed in my inbox.

I mean, its better than pulling a Ricky Romance but still.

Prodigy, one half of the hip-hop’s legendary platinum selling duo, Mobb Deep, announced the domestic release of his second solo album, H.N.I.C. Part 2, to be released world-wide on Voxonic Music in partnership with AAO Music/Reality in March 2008. The announcement comes at a bittersweet time as Prodigy is preparing to start serving a 3 ½ year bid which begins early January 2008.

“Throughout my life, I have always lived through adversity. I’m a survivor. You don’t understand the mental power that I have.” While I’m locked up, I’m going to be writing lyrics, working on the script for my second feature film, Dope, and finish writing an autobiography of my life which will be finished by the time I’m released. My mind is going to be focused and I’ll have time to think and map out my entire plan. The experience will make me a tougher, stronger person. I’m gonna work on getting out faster, so I can get back to doing what I do best. When I get home, it’s gonna be on!”

Yadda yadda yadda. I hope he uses some of that mental power to come up with new techniques on protecting his chocolate cauliflower blossom in the bing. And an autobiography, oh really now? I’m sure A Bug’s Life: This Is My Story, This Is My Song is going to FLY off of store shelves when it is released.

Anyway, let’s get down to the good stuff. If you want to call it that. I intended on doing this post earlier this morning but WSHH had pulled the clip. The video is not safe for work, so if the IT department snitches you out don’t come bitching to me about it.


Wild Turkey

December 28, 2007

Wild Turkey

Speaking of supermaning hoes, Trey Songz did Souljah Boy [and Akon] proud during a recent club appearance. I’m just upset that the bourbon chicken recipe that is tatted on his chest wasn’t visible.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

November 13, 2007
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Click here to watch

As you would probably imagine Clifford has had lot of free time on his hands lately to write rhymes, organize his linen closet, practice his roller setting technique, make lunches for the kids, scrapbooking, and of course lick windows.

He recently decided to pull out his camera and get his Nala West on for Here’s a transcript for the folks at work without speakers, ya dig?

Whats happening?

Welcome to I know alot of people are concerned given the current situation. And I want to say thank you, you know, for all the prayers and support coming from my fans and my supporters. You know, its a very trying time right now, but I want to let everybody know that I pled not guilty and I gotta stress my innocence, you know, to everyone out there whos listening! And I look forward to being exonerated on all charges. And I say that with the utmost sincerity. I cant stress that enough to ya, ya dig.

I’d really like to say thank you to my lawyers, Dwight Thomas, Steve Sadow, Ed Garland, and Don Samuels. And thank you to the judge for even allowing me the privilege of being on house arrest and being here instead of, you know, the clear alternative. I just wanna tell everybody man, dont even believe every thang you see on the news, dont believe every thang you read in the papers, ya dig that.

I just wanted to to give you a brief message, you know, telling you how much I love you, how much I cant wait to get back out there. The good thang is man, you know, I got a lot time on my hands; doing a lot of reading, doing a lot of writing, working on my next album, its called Paper Trail. Oh and speaking of Paper Trail, extra special thank youto the Grand Hustle family and the Atlantic Records family. Man we gonna get thru this, you know what Im saying…to whom much is given, even more is required. You know what Im saying. God will never take you to…what he cant take you through.

So, Im just listening to what God got to say right now. And that’s what Im doing, Im being still…I’m being quiet and I’m being still. Im abiding by all the stipulations, all of the criteria of my bond and of my release and I got faith in God and I got faith in the system. You know, America is a wonderful country.

Im gettin a lot of work done man, a lot of music man being recorded. But, my main message is its not over (pause) and the King aint dead!

You guys hold it down man…catch me on StreetCred and stay tuned into StreetCred, because there will be more messages. A’ight in a minute.

Hot Thing

November 8, 2007

Hot Thing

According to Ill Seed from AHH Rumors Bird Gang founding father K-Ci got a little too hot for the young crowd at the Apollo last night.

Word is that during his performance he did his usual self-groping, simulated sex number — but only this time there were children in the audience! Normally I would roll with Mr. Hailey but any one under the age of 18 cannot possibly handle watching Human Crack In The Flesh play the air guitar on his wang without being emotionally scarred for life. I can picture mothers guarding their kids’ eyes while simultaneously covering their own right now.

The crowd then allegedly started booing and shit but you know that didn’t faze your boy one bit. I think this is his way of keeping his name out there. I guess it is working. No one is talking about Aaron Hall, right? ‘I miss you’ is right.

Rich Boy – "Let’s Get This Paper"

October 9, 2007

Rich Boy – “Let’s Get This Paper”

Usually Rich Boy brings sunshine into my heart but this video isn’t helping my defeatist attitude today. Meerkat Da Don’s “I got millions and I’m still broke” speech was the icing on the cake. I quit this bitch.

I Vote No

October 9, 2007

I Vote No

Via Mixtape Monday:

It looks like Nelly is the next superstar thinking about forging a supergroup bond with one or more of his friends. Although he didn’t want to go in-depth because of everything that has to be worked out, it looks like he and T.I. have been discussing a project.

“It’s definitely being talked about,” he smiled on the red carpet of the VH1 Hip Hop Honors on Thursday night. “We’re definitely trying to put something together, work on something that could be truly outstanding. I think now people kinda get it. I think people want me to be a certain way because of all the success I had. That’s just never been me. I feel real fortunate to sell the amount of records I have, but I like to hang. I don’t care if you sold one record and I sold this. I like to kick it. But we’re definitely working on something.”

When asked again if it would be with T.I. specifically, Nelly said, “Ah, I don’t wanna say no names, but Tip is my man. Not just in music.”

It’s all good until Clifford decides to cut the Madison Square Garden show short, claiming someone in the audience waved a gun at him or one of the St. Lunatics attacks Big Kuntry with pepper spray. It’s happened before.

Fresh Out Sisqo’s Crypt

October 2, 2007

Fresh Out Sisqo’s Crypt

Stylerazzi and I are probably the only people who care about this dude but whatever! Pictured above is Nokio (you know, the normal looking one from Dru Hill) standing alongside Trey Songz backstage at 106 & Wack yesterday. I remember watching the video for “Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed” back in the day and thinking it would be a good idea to copy his seductive moves by pouring wax on my gut. I smelled like a burnt apple pie for about a week.

Damn I wish Trey was shirtless right now. Ya’ll know how that recipe for bourbon chicken on his chest gets me going. He must not know, I’ll break that mofo’s sternum. Don’t get me started on tatted up little men.

This Is The Remix

July 18, 2007

This Is The Remix

Jim Jones, Rich Boy and Yung Berg on the set of the video for “Sexy Lady” remix

If it weren’t for Rich Boy and Dirt Angel gracing these pictures trust that I would not post them. “Sexy Lady” is right up there with the aforementioned “Beautiful Girls” and mosquitoes when it comes to my top annoyances of the summer. What Job Corps center/group home/boys and girls club are music execs hitting up for talent? Somebody let me know. I’m trying to get in the game.

The video for “Sexy Lady” is nothing but a back-to-school commercial for Sears with a couple of video chicks sprinkled throughout. All this dude needs is a book bag and a trapper keeper. I mean really, you have multiple outfits in your closet, *gasp!* Fukouttahere.

Jim Jones & his mom