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That’s Ludicrous

February 20, 2007

That’s Ludicrous

The Ludameister and the OG Fire Crotch celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas on Friday night. Mr. Bridges doesn’t get the opportunity to log on to the internet much, no?

There is a petition currently in circulation boycotting Ludacris and any other Black entertainer who chooses to be affiliated with Paris Hilton.

Luda – when you finished smilin’, dancin’, coonin’ and entertaining Paris, I’m sure she called you a “Stupid N-word” behind your back. That’s what she calls black people. It’s on the tapes! Those tapes are all over the Internet and on the news. Somebody send Luda a copy of those tapes with a banana fruit basket and some cymbals. Think ‘Curius George’ or Bubbles. You need to review those tapes with a clear mind.

PS Calling all KKK or white Arian hate groups! Ludicrous is for sale. He’ll perform at your parties, pose pictures, sing and dance for you. Need a reference – call Paris Hilton. He might even let you put a noose around his neck if the price is right.

Wait, it gets better. Another random ass petition has emerged, this one requesting VH-1 to recognize Jodeci with a ‘Behind The Music’ episode. Is that the holy grail of African-American entertainment now? If so I’m getting off the bus at the next stop.