Go Home Roger!

Go Home Roger!

Raz B a/k/a/ “Chris Stokes touch me on the inside and told me to call his name . . . nevermind, this is family business, I wish the media would just leave us alone” is trying to remain relevant by being photographed up at different events, this time appearing on the red carpet at boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s 31st birthday party in Las Vegas. Um, Raz? There is already somebody notorious for making random red carpet cameos and her name is Bai Ling. Nah mean?

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, who in the hell left the gate open last week for Karrine to sneak in Ebony’s pre-Oscar party?! If you aren’t valeting cars or walking around with a tray of scrumptious goodies in your hand, what good are you really? It’s not time for Murder Inc. to throw another pool party yet?


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