At Least The Wig Crypt Offers Full Health Benefits

At Least The Wig Crypt Offers Full Health Benefits

If you are an employee at the 40/40 Club in Las Vegas you may be better off working in the Knowles’ Family Wig Crypt. Las Vegas Weekly reports that an estimated 100 or more staff members of the club have been reportedly escorted off of the property or have voluntarily resigned from their posts.

The firings allegedly started before the club even opened its doors, with a manager being dismissed because of questionable operating procedures. Of the original 10 managers hired at the club, only two are still employed.

Staff members complained that the first time they had a chance to work with the cash-register system at the club was only an hour before the doors opened. Bartenders, cocktail servers and managers also complained of a “no comp” policy that required them to pay for spills and breakage. [source]

That’s messed up. I don’t know how they expect for Rell and T.Error Mari to pay for all the drinks that they spill.

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