Help Me! Help Me Please!

Help Me! Help Me Please!

I tried to post this earlier today but blogger was on the rag [you get what you pay for, right?] so I bounced to the nail salon.

Stevie Wonder fell down while being escorted up some stairs to the stage at the Los Angeles Barack Obama fund raiser by Obama’s wife Michelle.

Attempting not to laugh . . . attempting not to laugh . . . FAILED.

Wonder remained lighthearted about his stumble, saying, “By the way, I was so busy looking at the next first lady that I lost my way.”

Yeah okay, you can believe that shit if you want to. Ya’ll know Stevie was acting bad off that gin. He probably had four tall glasses before hit the stage, literally. I don’t know why he didn’t try to play it off by Crankin’ Dat Thomas Weeks. I know whenever I mis calculate my steps in a public place I just go straight into the coontastic two step of the moment.


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