Black & Proud

Black & Proud

Now this is the way to kick off Black History Month. BV is clearly a website after my heart after naming Gaymonn a/k/a/ Andre J as one of the top 25 future Black history makers. You can hate if you want but you’ll be wasting your time! Here’s what they had to say about our boy:


This bearded muse (yes, bearded) acquired international fame when he appeared on French Fashion Vogue’s cover in 2007 with Estee Lauder model Carolyn Murphy. Not since RuPaul has a black man in women’s clothing shot to superstar status. While RuPaul was the first crossover pop singer, Andre (“don’t call me a drag queen”) J stands to crossover into mainstream fashion. Love him or hate him, he engenders a powerful response. In the least, he represents fashion’s tenets of art and expression.

Samwell, Britney Houston, and Reh Dogg are on deck for ’09!

[Thanks Tee]


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