Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t Be Jealous

If you really want John Legend’s pantyliner to get in a bunch just hate on his girlfriend, Thai-Norwegian model Christine Teigen.

“People are automatically condescending,” Legend tells the New York Daily News’ Rush & Malloy column. “They expect her to be dumb and say, ‘Oh you’re just dating a dumb girl because she’s hot.’ But people judge you either way. If you’re dating a girl who’s kind of regular, you hear, ‘Why are you dating her?’ I don’t get caught up in it. I’m more concerned with my happiness.” [insert two finger snaps and a neck roll]

You tell em girl. I feel what he is saying but I bet he was crying and sniffling like Sally Struthers when he gave that statement. Ugh, somebody call Irv Gotti so that he can tell this guy to man up.

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