More Sound Advice From Khia Part 4

More Sound Advice From Khia Part 4

I have been posting letters letters from Khia’s advice column in Hood magazine for a while now but this one takes the cake. Enjoy!


Hey girl I hope you choose this to go in the magazine. My name is Lashawn and I’m seventeen down here in Dade county. Anyway I just had my second baby from a grown ass man, 27 to be exact, who said he was gone be there after the baby was born.

He kept fucking me while I was pregnant all the way up to the doctor said I couldn’t have any more sex. After that he disappeared. I feel so lost. What should I do?

– – LaShawn


Somebody call the police, there’s a molestor on the loose!!!! Oh my bad, I guess I’m the only one who see’s this is a crime. What’s really hood Lashawn? Sorry to be so blunt but you were fucking a child molestor and be glad he’s gone. I know you may think you’re in love, but this was never love on his end. This was a grown ass man fucking a vulnerable child, now about to be a mother. My advice to you is it’s time to grow up and the first lesson you have to learn is:

Don’t trust no nigga
Trust no man but God
Love yourself and respect your body
Don’t let anyone talk you out of your panty pudding

You let this man fuck you with no protection and get you pregnant. Girl you slipping and its time for you to start preparing for your child. He or she needs you to give them the love that you missed along the way and trust me you won’t find that love in any man, only from God and within yourself. Get prayed up and surround yourself with women of wisdom who can help you along the way. Why are you worried about the man, its time to give all that love and energy to your child and I promise you he/she will love you back and never leave you. With big sister love, I’m praying for you and your family!!!


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