Quick Quotes

Quick Quotes

“No the media only records what it is given and what it looks to be, and this is not of course a one time incident. There are plenty of women that have been officially and truly been abused by a man so the persona is already out there. This is not a novelty that someone just bust into this on August 22. However because that is already the template, a man is already assumed to be an abuser if a woman shows up with any marks on her.

What we have to deal with is the motive that was not known on Aug 22. . . and it wasn’t clear that she took 4 and a half hours to recognize any bruises on her and of course the leg bruises that she had on her she did not acknowledge to the head of security at the hotel nor to the bellman, nor sought any police or medical attention. And then 4 and a half hours later after these bruises appear she uploads them to a website and then she goes to the hospital to say that she’s been abused and then tells the hospital that it had been two hours earlier which would have made it 1:30 not where it took place where I just pushed her off of me onto the ground 4 and a half hours earlier.

So there was a whole lot that was never given to the media because it was already branded that I was an abuser, that she was horrifically beaten and abused, and kicked and stomped and the police report, excuse me, the hospital report show us clearly that she showed up at 3:03 a.m. And she walked in and then walked out 3 hours later with just some Motrin for painkillers.”

– – Bishop Thomas Weeks talks to Lee Bailey about the infamous parking lot beat down


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