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Bow In The Presence of Greatness

January 31, 2008

Bow In The Presence of Greatness

More Ovaltine please!

After the buffoonery that was in the last post we’ve gotta put C+D back in its natural rhythm. What better way to do that than with a dab of zest?

More flicks coming soon. I know you want the whole beehive but you’re just going to have to be satisfied with this taste of honey.

Heaven I Need A Hug

January 31, 2008

Heaven I Need A Hug

What happens when you take beautiful words of wisdom [“I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar, hey hey hey hey”] from ‘The Little Rascals’ original goon Buckwheat and put them over a Meerkat Da Don track? You get a future skrip club anthem, duh!

And before you ask, there is some good ol’ fashion shuckin’ and jivin’ designed just for this song. As much as it pains me to say this, YT can’t crank that Bynum forever.
[Clip via Straight From The A]

Here’s One Rapper That Won’t Be Appearing On Bill Cosby’s Highly Anticipated Debut Rap Album

January 31, 2008

Here’s One Rapper That Won’t Be Appearing On Bill Cosby’s Highly Anticipated Debut Rap Album

The last time Fat Joe did anything remotely interesting to me was way when he and Big Pun teamed up together for “Deep Cover (Twins).” Oh, and then there was that time on MTV’s Spring Break when he showed his ass crack while performing “What’s Love.” That’s about it.

However, Joey CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK!’s recent comments to Complex magazine* regarding the n-word has been raising some eyebrows.

C: As a Puerto Rican rapper, have you ever been criticized for using the N Word?

FJ: No absolutely not. Because blacks and Latinos anywhere you go in any hood, any ghetto, we’re right beside each other, and with each other all the time especially in New York City. They’ve been calling me “that nigga” my whole life. I go to Africa, and the Africans say “what’s up Fat Joe my nigga-ah?” So they don’t have a problem with it. It’s a term of endearment.

C: What about your response to people who don’t think like you or someone like Khaled who’s a Palestinian-American should be using the word?

FJ: I guess Khaled is a sand-nigga. He’s a sand-nigga. (Laughs) Khaled that nigga, did you ask the 36 black rappers that are on his album with him if they have a problem with it?

* I’ve been rockin’ with ya’ll since day one but why are my issues always 15 light years late? I’m starting to believe that I would be better off going to the gas station and just reading different articles every time that I come in.

[Via Nah Right]

I’m Just Saying . . .

January 31, 2008

I’m Just Saying . . .

I didn’t watch the Access Granted on this joint so my question is genuine for once. Is this shit supposed to look like the Britney Houston version of both “Scream” and “No Scrubs” rolled up into one? Whatever the case may be I’m happy for Lil’ Mama. The chick finally got a budget to work with.

Read A Book

January 31, 2008

Read A Book

Seriously, is complete and total fuckery the reoccurring theme on this blog today?

The Mistress of Miami can now add author to her resume, which already includes recording artists and habitual shoplifter. Only in America!

I can picture it now, Jacki-O hanging in my child’s school library on one of those read posters a couple years from now. Khia, step your advice column game up.

Scheduled to hit stores on February 15, the project will be the first release from C-Murder’s recently launched TRU Publishing. The book tells the story of six friends, Monique, Tatiana, Inch, Malcolm, Quentin and Iz, who support each other through trying times on the streets and in their personal lives. Grown & Gangsta is currently available for pre-order through and [source]

Excerpt and throwback flick from the C+D vault under the cut.

“The pop pop pop of the paparazzi’s cameras lit up the night like diamonds made of light. Each flash was like a bling. Many celebrities, athletes and popular rappers had come out to P-Nice’s Hampton mansion. P-Nice owned the hottest rap label in the game, Street Life Records, as well as the trendy clothing label Pierre Wear. To be invited to his Fourth of July party meant you were somebody in the industry or in the streets. Monique was of the former. She was the A & R rep. from the up and coming Harlem World Records and had been responsible for the signing of one of the best new singers in the game, Joi Black, and a rapper out of Jersey named Lucky Malone. Monique wasn’t a heavy weight by a long shot, neither was she raking in the dough, but her name was ringing bells and with the contacts she was making, she had her eyes on her own label.”

FROM THE C+D VAULT: This Post Has Been Brought To You By Summer’s Eve 03.29.06

It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer

January 31, 2008
It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer

Bad news, rap dudes. Rumor has it that America’s favorite dad is set to release a hip hop album, tentatively titled State of Emergency.

Sources told that the actor, comedian and philanthropist will address issues like proper parenting, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, Black-on-Black crime and the dropout rate in America’s high schools… Cosby’s album will not contain any profane language, nor will it offer any denigrating comments towards women.

He should be good as long as he has a track with Lil’ Wayne, R. Kelly, Akon, or T-Pain and some hot production, right? I just want to hear him in the booth on Rap City spitting a hot 16. Pre-written of course.

Wanna Be Starting Somethin’

January 31, 2008

Wanna Be Starting Somethin’

Is Frankie going to have to remove her dentures and grab the vaseline for these broads?

Danity Kane recently spoke to Hot 97’s Miss Jones about KeyLoLo’s singing ability [or lack thereof] and the singer dissing the girls on several different occasions in the past.

Diddy may want to hire extra security for his little songbirds. Frankie, Neffe, and this momofucka are not only locked and loaded but probably very familiar with the penale system. I’m sure it would be nothing for them to catch a case over bodying one of those broads.

[Audio via A Hot Mess]

Prince Akeem, Come And Get Your Jump-Off

January 31, 2008

Prince Akeem, Come And Get Your Jump-Off

A woman accused of leaving eight children with little food and no money while she traveled to Africa to marry a man she met on the Internet has been arrested.

Shanell Monique Mosley, 33, was met by authorities as she got off an Air France jet Monday at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Harris County sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. David Crain said Tuesday, January 29, 2008.

Charged with child endangerment and child abandonment for leaving the children in squalid conditions, Mosley was expected to have an attorney appointed for her at a Wednesday court appearance.

After the children were discovered alone in the home in early January, officials learned Mosley went to Nigeria to marry an Internet acquaintance.

When she left for Nigeria on December 31, Mosley told her 15 year-old daughter she would return in a month, child welfare officials said.

Prosecutor John Jordan said Mosley’s six children, now in foster homes, were starving and her older children couldn’t recall their own birth dates.

Mosley’s children are ages 1, 7, 8, 9, 15 and 16, Jordan said. The other two children found in the home were 3 and 4 year-olds the family cared for on behalf of a single father who worked, Jordan said. [SOURCE]

Candy Girl

January 31, 2008

Candy Girl

The above video from Alexyss K. Tylor apparently is a response to a “Laffy Taffy Hoe” on LipStickAlley that has been running off at the mouth about her sexual preference. I am completely out of the loop on all of this drama but I did find the clip funny for other reasons [two words: pussy chronicles].

As always, put your headphones or turn your speakers down while watching.

[Thanks Assault]

Cheri Bomb

January 31, 2008

Cheri Bomb

Bad Boy artist Cheri Dennis finally performing at the R&B Live at Spotlight January 29, 2008 in New York City.