My Eyes Have A Toothache

My Eyes Have A Toothache

Too damn sweet. Norwood Young’s zest is like a big ass piece of red velvet cake. Got milk?


Good Morning. I know it’s a bit early for Christmas but I know you would like to see this right here under your tree wrapped in a big red bow with nothing but his silk boxers on. Yes, my friend, Norwood Young was spotted at Victoria Rowell’s Christmas Something or other over the weekend. And, are my eyes deceiving me or could it be possible that Norwood and Darius McCrary were separated at birth. I’m sure this would make a great “Before and After” surgery photo for Mr. Young. I’m also sure that Superhead has made a sandwich of herself between these two!!!!!! (EWWWW, I just threw up in my mouth from that visual)!!!!!! I guess we should be anxiously awaiting Superhead’s first rap single featuring NorWood on vocals any day now!!!!!! Anyways, Happy Holidays from your friends over at StyleRazzi!!!!!



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