You Sent It! // Is This Bytch Serious?

You Sent It! // Is This Bytch Serious?


Have you seen this bullshyt?

Karrine “sperm-by-the-pound” Steffans has the NERVE to be selling her worn, STD-filled cum rags in her “boutique” on-line. Giiiiirl, stop. Honey, why the hell would I buy a Zara dress for $75 that your nasty-azz cooch has touched (cause I know you don’t wear draws), when I could get it at the store *singing a la Coming to America* completely free from infection for that price? Judging by her markdowns, that last edition of the Vixen Diaries must not be doing so well, eh? Dayum Karrine, you already hocking personal items on the internet? Don’t you have to be a real star to do that? And one that people actually LIKE? I’m guessing the CDC is gonna buy all this stuff to take samples and figure out a vaccine to HIV. I guess, then, she’s helping all of us. Holla!


SURVEY SAYS! Ain’t nothing wrong with owning a piece of history!

Yeah right.


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