You Sent It! // How Appropriate

You Sent It! // How Appropriate


Yes, it is true — I am a BIG fan of the Broadway play/movie “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” The southern dialect, the alcoholism, the homosexual undertones….AH!! Whenever it airs on AMC, I turn my ringer off and indulge in all its craziness.

So imagine my surprise when I got an email today about Debbie Allen directing a revival of the play with an all black cast! I won’t go into details about who all is staring in the play (see the link), but wait….wait…..

guess who is slated to star as the embittered, alcoholic, self-loathing, “suspected” homosexual son, Brick?!?! You guessed it, Slickback Ivanhoe himself!!

The show opens March 6th…I’ll be on the front row to see all the raw emotion spew from Djays mouth…

– Erin

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! This email made my entire month. Thanks again Erin!


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