The "Say Something Nice" Challenge

The “Say Something Nice” Challenge

That jacket, that hair. I’m going through enough depressing shit in my life, I can’t deal with Sly Stone today, ha! Read the low down on what happen at the show after the jump.

“As recent observers have noted of Stone’s failed comeback, needing to pee is code for drugs,” wrote Friedman. “And when that happens, the show is over. As he did when I saw him on Nov. 20 at BB Kings, Stone left the stage and did not return for some time. When he did, he was clearly in a changed mental state and, yes, sleepy.”

The 40-minute show started an hour late, Friedman noted. Sly, on keyboards, “led the audience through a medley of one-line snippets of hits sung first on an altering voice box and then in a whisper,” he writes. Wearing a white hooded track suit and sunglasses, Stone got through five of the “loosely constructed” songs before heading to the bathroom.

He returned to perform “If You Want Me to Stay” and, ironically, started singing “I Want to Take You Higher” before wandering off stage for good, according to Friedman.

“The sold-out, standing-room-only audience was not happy,” wrote Friedman. “One fan grabbed a mike and shouted, ‘You crack addict. Get back on stage. I paid $100 dollars for this ticket.’ It was a sad moment.” [source]


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