More Sound Advice From Khia

More Sound Advice From Khia

For the following I have no words.

Hey Khia,

My name is Monica and I’m currently living in GA. My husband and I are swingers. Yes swingers. Please don’t judge us on that because I really need your advice on something. Ok, my hubby and I have lots of great sex with each other but he usually doesn’t make a lot of noises like moaning until he cums at the end. Well, us being swingers have never bothered me until now. This couple that we have been seeing are real cool and everything but when he’s inside of her, he’s moaning really loud the whole time, and it really bothers me. What should I do?


What’s really hood Monica,

Let me start off by saying that I never judge, only God can judge. I’m only here to keep it real. As for my advice, you chose to open up Pandora’s box and now its back to bite you in the ass. Plain and simple, your husband is tired of your pussy and you ain’t really excited about him either. The both of ya’ll enjoy fucking other people so ya’ll really can’t be enjoying each other too much. So fuck on if that’s what makes you happy. Don’t go start catching feelings now, let’s be real. New is always better than old pussy. The new pussy makes him moan and your pussy makes him want to fuck somebody else. I’m sure he enjoys watching other men long dick you but the moaning and excitement been long gone, so get over it. You’re a swinger for crying out loud. Find you a new dick to swing on. I got an idea, how about this. Let her fuck you so you can see what all the moaning is about. He fucks her, she sucks you, and everybody’s happy. Ya’ll so nasty!

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