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I’m Just Saying . . .

December 31, 2007

I’m Just Saying . . .

There is only one Nala West. And Natalie, it ain’t you. Peep the description of ‘Reasonable Excuse’ under the cut.

“Everybody’s Got A Reason..something to push them over the excuse to be bad..I’ve had a lot of bad things happen in my reasons are looking for me..and I’m still running…”

High heels, corsets and sheer decadence. Reasonable Excuse is a dramatic, sassy film about a 20 something PR executive called Laila. A dark heroine, who’s trying to move on from an incident in L.A but somehow gets caught up in the mind games of individuals around her with spine-chilling consequences that link her to the haunting incidents of her past

Starring Natalie Stewart (Grammy Award Winning Floetry), Shola Ama (Brit Award Winner), Nolan Weekes, Tony Streeter and Kwaku. Guest Featuring Sabrina (Mis-Teeq), Lee Henry (Mobo Award Winner) and introducing newcomers Sadie, Mercedes, Dwayne Nosworthy and Kaya Bousquet.

Reasonable excuse is a pop thriller, with a risqu.. script, chic direction and a chilling storyline. A sexy, modern, spin on the film noir genre.

Some Things Never Change

December 31, 2007
Some Things Never Change
Fire is hot, water is wet, and Wendy Williams looks like this. What else is new? Hate it or love it. At this point it would be a waste of my time to think of something snarky to say about ol’ girl so I won’t. Luckily you guys aren’t as forgiving, heh. Kevin still motorboats this on the regular though!

[Flicks via All The Parties]

Question of the Day

December 31, 2007
Question of the Day

Word on the curb is that Donkey and Tracey Edmonds exchanged I do’s over the weekend in Tahiti. Um, tropical flavored! No word yet if Johnnie acked [yes, acked] up at the ceremony or not. You know we have to give these two the C+D wedding registry treatment. What would you buy the newlyweds and why?

Start With Stray Shots And Then Pop Bottles

December 31, 2007

Start With Stray Shots And Then Pop Bottles

I mean really, Papa Joe. Where’s Katie?

Jay-Z summoned the spirits of Beyaki’s creole ancesters to get the 40/40 up to building code in time for its grand opening in Las Vegas over the weekend. Tons of celebs [and randoms] came out to holla at Hov.

Killin’ you hoes, effortlessly.

Bobby Digital [1]

December 31, 2007
Bobby Digital [1]

The Rundown has exclusive flicks of The King of Rocks & Blunts and others at Tyrese’s 29th birthday celebration at The Garden of Eden nightclub in Hollywood. It’s good to see that Bobbay actually took time to mosturize his situation before stepping out of the house. I just hope he had a designated driver to take his ass home. Mischa Barton’s urine ain’t got shit on his! I bet during some point of the night he jumped on stage and did his own rendention of “Signs of Makin’ Love.” What a zodiac freak.

[1] I fux with you Rza. Always have, always will.

Seriously, What In The Blue Hell?

December 31, 2007

Seriously, What In The Blue Hell?

I have no words for this fuckery. My soul is caving in as we speak. Please say something nice.

Double Up

December 31, 2007

Double Up

Us Weekly named D’Lila and Jesse Combs to their babies of the year list. [click here to check out all the babies] Now I don’t talk about females until they start menstruating [rule of thumb!] so I’m going to keep my lips sealed. Besides, they’re too adorable. Leopard freakum smocks and all.

They’re trying to stand up and discover everything,” father Sean “Diddy” Combs tells Us of his 1-year-old twins with ex Kim Porter. “All it takes is one look from them and my heart melts.”

[Image via ONTD //Thanks PK]

Are You Really Surprised At All?

December 28, 2007

Are You Really Surprised At All?

A rapper with a secret love child?! GTFOH!

Sez Def Sounds:

It looks like Snoop Dogg’s reality show, Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood, is about to get a new cast member.

The show which brings fans into Snoop’s everyday life with wife Shante, their two sons 13-year-old Corde and 10-year-old Cordell, and their 8-year-old daughter Cori, might feature another family member–Snoop’s illegitimate son, 9-year-old Julian Corrie Brodus.

According to Star Magazine, Julian reveals he hasn’t seen his father for five years and now he wants to play a big part in Snoop’s life, and appear on his TV show.

“I don’t want to be an actor, I want to be a baseball player. But I want to be on the show to get to know my family.” Said the 9-year-old.

Reports say Snoop paid regular visits as well as child support until 2003, which caused Julians mother, Laurie Holmond, to take him [Snoop] to court to prove he was the biological father.

“I asked him to start seeing Julian again. He sounded sincere but has yet to come by… Calvin needs to acknowledge him.” Said the mother

Usher To Work With Michael Jackson On New Track, Talks Fatherhood

December 28, 2007

Usher To Work With LaMike’s Dad On New Track, Talks Fatherhood

Usher revealed to the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he has a new song in the works featuring T-Pain and Michael Jackson. I can’t wait to hear how that shit sounds.

Via Eurweb

It’s been created, but it’s not recorded,” Usher explained to the newspaper. “And as long as Michael is open to it, hey, anything goes.”

The track would be featured on Usher’s upcoming album, which he says will be out early next year.

“I’ve been diligently working on creating a masterpiece,” he said of the project. “It’s going to be out first or maybe the second quarter. I see the second quarter of next year. And there will be a video and single out at the top of the year. … I think [Atlanta producer] Polow Da Don is going to have the first one. I think that’s going to be the single ‘Love In The Club.’”

Check out what Usher has to say about fatherhood after the jump.

Meanwhile, the home front has changed drastically for the Broadway performer, who is spending his first holiday season as both a husband and father.

“I’m really like super dad. Really. I really cook for the family,” he said. “Now I basically do chicken and broccoli and steamed vegetables, because I’m on this diet. But believe me, I can fry some chicken too … I really clean up. I walk the dog, myself. I burp the baby. I change the diapers. I trim the tree. I’m about to get the things for the tree after this because it’s bare. … I’m super dad. And it’s only begun.”

The artist says he and wife Tameka are still figuring out how to go about releasing the first baby picture of little Usher V. In the meantime, Usher IV says he’ll continue to snap his own photos of the baby.

“I’ve become an instant photographer, developing them and everything,” he says.

Tameka runs a tight ship! Got that negroid in panties and all. Ha, I’m just kidding around but its good that he is playing an active role in little Shrek’s life. But then again, that what he is supposed to be doing anyway.

Wild Turkey

December 28, 2007

Wild Turkey

Speaking of supermaning hoes, Trey Songz did Souljah Boy [and Akon] proud during a recent club appearance. I’m just upset that the bourbon chicken recipe that is tatted on his chest wasn’t visible.