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I Vote Yes

November 30, 2007

I Vote Yes

A Dirt Angel sighting is finally upon us. Appreciate and cherish this moment for the rest of your life, why don’t you? Boy, what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall during that conversation.

PigPen and Lyfe Jennings look like two peas in a dirty ass pod. Lyfe’s filth game may not be up to par with Jim’s illustrious career but give him a little time. I’m sure he has plenty of pickle juice and coffee grounds in that chin strap of his.

Ashanti’s mother Tina Douglas and little sister, Mathew Knowles, and Tiffany Evans were also in the building at the Giant Volume 4 show.

Quick Quotes

November 30, 2007

Quick Quotes

Here are a couple quotables from Clay Cane’s recent interviews with Miss Patti for HX and BlackVoices. Please be sure to check both articles out!

On the first gay person she met: “My niece, and I had no clue because she’s a lipstick lesbian. I had no clue, and one day she just decided to tell me. She is very soft—see, this is where my ignorance comes in. I always thought that lesbians were like truck drivers, like hard women. Like all of them had to be that way or they weren’t gay. But there are soft girls, middle kind of girls and hard girls. Usually, the hard women are after me! When I got my divorce, the women jumped on me like white on rice! I said, “Look, I ain’t ever did fish, I don’t intend to do fish so leave me alone.” I said, “I’m looking for a man and you’re not a man!”

Her secret to aging gracefully: “Get a beautiful man, look at him. If you can’t do anything with him just look at him. It will keep you feeling beautiful. You can’t look at no moose all day, all night and wake up looking happy! You look at somebody beautiful, you wake up with a smile on your face. Not that you’re going to have sex or anything, it’s just you need beauty in your life. You don’t need nothing old and decrepit, nobody with maggots and worms — you don’t need this! Girls, look for somebody healthy, strong, beautiful, but somebody first with a heart of gold and who loves you for you. Believe in yourselves and that’ll keep you healthy and young looking. No matter what people say about you, know that you’re the baddest thing out there. Know it, claim it!”

Why she appeals to the gay community so much: I’m every gay man’s mother—come and sit on mama’s lap! It ain’t no sugarmama stuff either—they just really connect. Maybe because I looked like a drag queen back in the day and I still can go there if I want. When I wore those outrageous hairstyles, I guess they said, “She’s really out.” I’m not a gay woman; I’m just a woman who loves people.

Producer Mannie Fresh’s Sister Slain

November 30, 2007

Producer Mannie Fresh’s Sister Slain

Mannie Fresh’s sister, Angela Bryant, was shot and killed Wednesday night in her New Orleans home, according to local TV affiliate WWLTV. Police reportedly said the 42-year-old mother’s two young children were present but not physically harmed.

Authorities said Bryant, whose body was discovered early Thursday morning, was murdered between 10 p.m. and midnight, according to WWLTV. Her black 1998 Lexus LS 400 reportedly went missing after the murder.

Bryant’s husband, who had been out of town when his wife was killed, arrived at the house before noon and was distraught, according to the WWLTV report. The couple got married last month, and Bryant celebrated her birthday with family on Wednesday night, WWLTV said. Police reportedly did not elaborate on the conditions of the children, ages 2 and 7, but said they were safe and healthy. [source]

My prayers go out to Mannie Fresh and his family during these difficult times.

I’m Buying Whatever You’re Selling, Sweetheart

November 30, 2007

I’m Buying Whatever You’re Selling, Sweetheart

*SIGH* I don’t have to say it, you already know. TGIF!

The "Say Something Nice Challenge"

November 29, 2007

The “Say Something Nice Challenge”

Pictured above are two of my personal heroes, Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie and artist/friend Amina. Frankie is right up there with the likes of Joe Simpson and Dina “White Oprah” Lohan on my list of favorite celeb parents. So please, have a heart.
[Thanks Adiam]

Everybody Has A Twin, Right?

November 29, 2007

Everybody Has A Twin, Right?

I don’t usually peruse TMZ much but thank goodness you guys stay on top of it.

Gary Dourdan (left) stars in the hit CBS show “CSI.” Demitris Hirsch (right) was arrested yesterday in Lafayette, La. on charges of aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon.

[source // Thanks Kai]

Heartbreaking News Regarding Gel-N-Weave

November 29, 2007

Heartbreaking News Regarding Gel-N-Weave

As many of you probably are aware of by now Diamond [Gel] has left Crime Mob to pursue a solo career. OMG! Rumors reached a fever pictch on Tuesday when Crime Mob hit the red carpet at the Dirty Awards without Lil’ Scrappy’s boo.

Diamond is no longer in the group right now,” Princess [Weave]told SOHH before the show. “She is working on a solo career but we still wish her well. She has a mix tape called ‘B-word’ Music. Go check her out on MySpace. It’s still love but we had to keep the business going and keep money flowing.”

Princess said there’s no beef, but it’s unfortunate that they couldn’t work things out as a group.

“It’s sad we couldn’t carry on … but it is what it is,” Princess said. “You just gotta keep the ball rolling. Everybody got their own agenda.”

Crime Mob just opened another budget for the group’s upcoming third album and Princess’ new mixtape is slated to drop in December. She just took new pictures for the cover.

“Y’all will enjoy it,” she said. “It’s no features, no skits, no intros, no outros, just me,” [source]

Can we have a moment of silence for “Stilletto Pumps” please?

Fuck Robert

November 29, 2007
Fuck Robert

The Internet is on fire with rumors surrounding R. Kelly and the daughter of Regina Daniels, the singer’s longtime publicist who suddenly and mysteriously quit her post saying only that a line had been crossed.

Talk around the black blogosphere Wednesday suggests that Daniels abruptly left the job because Kelly slept with her (step) daughter, who is said to be 19-years-old. A photo of Kelly embracing the girl surfaced yesterday.

When contacted by EUR’s Lee Bailey, Regina Daniels refused to comment on the photo, or further explain her reasons for leaving the position.

“Unless you’re calling to see how I’m doing, I’m still not going to comment on R. Kelly. I’ve said all I have to say,” Daniels told Bailey. She also said that if her husband, veteran music retailer George Daniels, wants to comment, Bailey can talk to him.

Bailey called George Daniels, who also said “no comment,” but clarified: “Bottom line is [R. Kelly] crossed a certain line with me and my wife that you shouldn’t cross. I respect his talent. You can’t deny he’s a talented person. But beyond that, everything else is just gone.”

Daniels also affirmed that Kelly “never put his hand on Regina, or nothing like that.” When asked if he is aware of Wednesday’s explosion of Internet rumors about their daughter, he said, “I’m aware of that, too. No comment.” [source]

Safe Horizon Annual Benefit Gala Flicks

November 29, 2007

Safe Horizon Annual Benefit Gala Flicks

Iman; Malaak Compton-Rock; Sherrod Small; Tim Gunn & Veronica Webb; Star Jones
Something in the milk ain’t clean about Veronica Webb. Mary J. Blige called that shit years ago on her Behind the Music and I haven’t been able to look at that broad quite the same. [Google it]

While I think Sherrod Small is hilarious on Best Week Ever, I am often distracted by the white shit in the corners of his mouth. It always looks like he just finished a sperm and mayonnaise sandwich.

But no hate here today, everbody looks bathe and fed. I will even ignore Malaak and that DAMN SHRUG.

How Many Squirrels Must Die For You To Look Fly?

November 29, 2007

How Many Squirrels Must Die For You To Look Fly?

Again, where’s PETA when you need them?

It’s been a second since the undertaker has come to make a visit but at last we meet again. I had to do a double take at my television screen on Wednesday night when I saw Keyshia Cole on 106 & Park dressed like a pimp version of Barnie Rubble. KeyLoLo’s stylist must be taking the week off to observe the Fuck Effort holiday because there cannot be another explanation for this shit.

If you covered yourself in rubber cement and rolled around in the lions den at the zoo this would be the end result. You know Neffe’nem is to blame for this tragedy. I can hear her ass now talking about “yeah girl that’s sharp right there!”