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Fresh Out The Pokey

April 30, 2007

Fresh Out The Pokey

Eve and Janice Combs’ get high partner, THE Jamie Foster Brown (just kiddin’ . . . I think) in Miami

Eve didn’t let her early morning Maserati mash-up in Hollywood dampen her spirits for too long. I know this may big a long shot but I really hope that she didn’t crash her car on purpose. It’s better than shooting yourself in the arm, ahem Cam’ron, but still.


Performing at Radio One Spring Fest // With Frankenberry and the King of White Girls (his words, not mine) at G Fest party

Guaranteed Fresh

April 30, 2007

Guaranteed Fresh

pictures via Sandra Rose

Monica responds to readers’ comments: My child is not a thug! [Cake & Ice Cream]

Would you let Mama Tina give you a makeover? [Concrete Loop]

Bring the T-Pain [VH-1 Blog]

Tigger please! [Juicy News]

Ray J celebrates his career in porn, a nation yawns [Bossip]

Notable quotable from Vernon Winfrey [BV Entertainment Wire]

Who Would You Let Hit It?

April 30, 2007

Who Would You Let Hit It?

Trick Daddy & D-Roc

I made the mistake of looking at this picture for 15 seconds too long and my ovaries disintegrated into a pillar of salt. Help.

Michael Jordan & Nicole Murphy In Cabo

April 30, 2007

Michael Jordan & Nicole Murphy In Cabo

Michael Jordan and Nicole Murphy were photographed having fun together at Squid Roe in Cabo San Lucas. Judging from his outfit and atmosphere it looks like this picture was snapped on the same night as this. Onlookers say Nicole danced around while MJ watched on with a smile. New couple alert? Doubt it but what do I know. Let the kids have fun.

Gotcha Ass!

April 30, 2007

Gotcha Ass!

The suspect in the mugging last month of a 101-year-old woman with a walker was arrested on Friday on drug charges. Jack Rhodes, 44, had been wanted for questioning in the vicious attack – captured on a surveillance tape that outraged New Yorkers – and another robbery of an 85-year-old woman. [Watch] Rhodes is suspected of punching and robbing a woman on Dec. 30, 2006, at 7:30 a.m. in Jamaica – a robbery eerily similar to the ones committed on March 4 in Queens on two senior citizens.

Not only should the judge put his ass under the jail for what he did to Tweety bird’s grandmother, but he should also slap on a few extra years to his sentence for showing up to court looking like he just finished performing fellatio in exchange for a couple of cheeseburgers. Shame shame shame!

Shaved Vagina

April 30, 2007

Shaved Vagina

There was no shortage of drop dead sexy men at Radio One Spring Fest concert in Miami but Jim Jones had the game on lock. Although his mouth looks like puckering vajayjay lips, he actually took time out of his hectic schedule to wipe off in the sink. That’s my boy!

Sound Off: Barack The Magic Negro

April 30, 2007

Sound Off: Barack The Magic Negro

It almost seems as if conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is daring activists to call for his dismissal with last month’s release of a comedy bit entitled “U Da Real Negro Al, Screw Obama.”

In the video clip, available to subscribers to his site, Rev. Al Sharpton is depicted questioning the leadership skills of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, reports (source)

Do you find Limbaugh’s parody to be funny or offensive?

[Thanks Lili]

4.27 Random Flicks

April 27, 2007

4.27 Random Flicks

Jennifer Lopez, Skeletor and Ciara at Us Weekly Hot Hollywood party

Alicia Keys, Bono and Iman at the “We Are Together” film premiere

Kerry Washington, Dame Dash, Rachel Roy and Tracey Edmonds at the 2nd Annual Chanel Dinnner

YouTube Clip of the Day

April 27, 2007

YouTube Clip of the Day

Karsh has more goodies for folks such as myself who enjoy tangy entertainment. Peep what he had to say about today’s video:

I swear, I can’t make this shit up. Lately, I’ve been getting these Youtube videos from dudes who I guess read the instruction manuals to their DV cams and decided they were going to make a video with lame lyrics and a sample track from Fruity Loops to gain some modicum of Internet fame.

This video is described as the following by Aron Prince, “The Gay Diva”: “Gay music video about a lonely brother being ignored by shady queens. LOL”.

Yeah…*sigh* Enjoy!

Here’s a little taste for those of you who don’t have speakers at your desk.

Yeah I got a degree from NYU / Believe it or not I’ll talk to you / Even if you have a GED / To be your lover I’d agree / Instead of an arrogant college grad / I’d gladly give you a chance / You’re so crazy and you keep it real / Uh oh here comes the Man of Steel… Bark for me now, bark for me now!

Star Tracks: Whitney Houston

April 27, 2007

Star Tracks: Whitney Houston (’cause Ray J isn’t a celebrity no matter what his mother says)

Nippy enjoyed dinner with Ray J and a small entourage at the Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening. They all arrived around 5:45pm and closed the place by 11:30pm. Whitney shared drinks with several of her crew while watching the Lakers play against the Suns. Dinner came to a close after the game ended.