Jill Marie Jones Wraps New Film

Jill Marie Jones Wraps Production On New Film

Although Jill Marie Jones won’t be returning to the small screen as Toni Childs this Fall you haven’t heard the last from her yet. She just wrapped a movie that should be released next year.

From a girlfriend to a killer? Jill Marie Jones wraps production on her feature film debut Redrum, an offbeat comedy produced by Griot Filmworks.

Jones, best known for her role as the self-indulgent Toni Childs on the UPN hit (now CW) Girlfriends, plays timid wife Tanya Diggs, who enters into a killing spree with her husband, played by the director of the film, Kenny Young. As one tries to stop with the murders, the other moves swiftly forward, putting their love to the test.

Joe Torry, Snoop Dogg and Bishop Magic Don Juan also make appearances in the film.

“Kenny has been amazing,” Jones said exclusively to vibe.com about her first film experience. “It’s just so awesome when you work with a director who’s also an actor. He understands what you’re (as an actor) trying to accomplish. (continue)

Uh oh, Snoop and Don Juan? I guess you have to start off some where.

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