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‘Cause Gossip And Liquor Go Hand In Hand

May 31, 2006
‘Cause Gossip And Liquor Go Hand In Hand

I finally got the opportunity to listen to “The Wendy Williams Experience” last week while in my car going to the grocery store to pick up some extra cayenne pepper and water and I laughed my ass off. Wendy signed on today as an official spokeswoman for Alize, good for her. Maybe one of these days all my Chek soda plugs will pay off.

You Sent It! : Hey Kool-Aid

May 31, 2006

You Sent It! : Hey Kool-Aid

Now click here. Thanks Ninjagirrl!

Groupie Love Turns Ugly

May 31, 2006
Groupie Love Turns Ugly

A catfight broke out between a hot-headed hoochie in Bobby Brown’s entourage and a Russian model at new lounge 83 Worth Street the other night. A spy tells us Brown – who was without wife Whitney Houston – showed up with “an entourage of women,” one of whom picked a fight with the catwalking girlfriend of owner Jeff Krauss. “Brown’s groupie managed to grab the Russian model by the hair and threw her against a wall before security guards escorted her out,” we’re told. Brown and his better-behaved gal pals were allowed to stay and made the most of it by dancing into the wee hours to DJ Uri Dalal’s set. (Page Six)

This wouldn’t have ever happen if Nippy was with him. She would’ve took both of them hoes down to Chinatown.

Mimi Snags Another Award

May 31, 2006
Mimi Snags Another “Award”

Mariah Carey is no stranger to receiving awards when it comes to her legendary voice… but for her legs? Mariah is the first celebrity recipient of the Gillette Venus’ “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” award. The award ceremony was held to kick off Gillette’s fourth annual contest in search of the hottest legs in America.

Although the event wasn’t as huge as the Grammys, it’s no surprise that the diva made an appearance. Mariah unveiled a sixteen foot replica statue of her legs. Wonder what the full size looks like! The “Legs of a Goddess” contests will be held at select venues during Ms. Carey’s highly anticipated concert tour, ‘The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour.’ The national winner of the contest will receive a $25,000 grand prize. Sorry ladies, only Mariah’s legs will be massively immortalized. (TMZ)

Fresh Flicks: Red Dress Ink Girls Night Out Event

May 31, 2006
Fresh Flicks: Red Dress Ink Girls Night Out Event

Mollie Sue, Nnenna, Nole Martin, Captain America and Sara

Rihanna And No-No At The Universal Block Party

May 31, 2006

Rihanna And No-No At The Universal Block Party In Australia

This past weekend while watching about two hours of the Laguna Beach marathon (I love those rich white kids, I really do) I caught the episode of 106 & Park when Rihanna premiered her video for “Unfaithful” and I damn near had a stroke when she started dancing. I don’t think the video director made it with the intentions of being funny but it was to me.

During the first 20 seconds I thought her love interest was John Legend (ha!) but of course I was wrong. I can’t wait for the kids standing outside of the TRL building to request this one. Check out the first comment on the page. All my comment box folks will remember this is the same song she sung live in Japan that had us screaming.

Is there a beauty contest going on and someone neglected to tell me about it? What’s up with the
Kiki Shepard wave?

Remember when No-No said that he slept with his entire 10th grade class or some nonsense? Well I don’t think he was lying. Ne-Yo is probably a pretty good dick dealer but he’s not the type you put on blast and tell everybody (ahem, Rashida Jones).
When it’s all over please get up and leave. Question. Why does it look like someone is teaching him how to chunk up the deuce?

Kidada Jones Is Slow

May 31, 2006
Kidada Jones Is Slow

Your average celebutante can be pretty flighty. Take fledgling designer Kidada Jones (above), the 32-year-old daughter of music man Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton, and a onetime girlfriend of Tupac Shakur.
Kidada’s little sister, Rashida, dished the other day to a Lowdown spy: “Kidada recently got a free leather softener from Coach, which she thought she was supposed to use on her face as a moisturizer. Kidada used it and complained to me that it was too oily. After a while, she finally figured out it was for leather.”
The 30-year-old Rashida explained: “Kidada was kicked out of 11 schools by the age of 15. She was a rebel. She got kicked out for bad behavior, being angry and overexcited. I don’t think my going to Harvard while Kidada had trouble in school is an example of siblings splitting. She was just being a normal teenager. But Kidada ultimately graduated from the Fashion Institute in L.A. So it worked out.”
And in the future, she might even be able to distinguish between shoe polish and face lotion. (New York Daily News)

Its one thing when you put some crap on your face that doesn’t have any business being on it . . . but when your sister rats you out that’s just plain funny. Thanks Da Real and Yllona for the tip once again!

Germany, Come To Jesus

May 30, 2006
I’m Just Saying . . .

Germany, come to Jesus. Via Oh No They Didn’t – – thanks Da Real!

Caption This: Andre Harrell and Lil’ X

May 30, 2006

Lil X and Andre Harrell @ Baby Phat and Phat Farm Hampton’s Summer Kick Off Party

Beyonce Made Jay-Z Cancel His Team Chunk Membership

May 30, 2006

Beyonce Made Jay-Z Cancel His Team Chunk Membership

For her birthday on Sept. 4, Beyonce will go against tradition and give away a present — her long-awaited sophomore solo album, appropriately titled, “B’Day.” The Music World Music/Sony Urban Music/Columbia Records set, featuring all new music co-produced, written and arranged by Beyonce, will be released worldwide on the 4th, and in the United States a day later on Tuesday, Sept. 5. . .
B’Day’s’ first single, “Deja Vu,” features Beyonce reteaming with her boyfriend Jay-Z in hopes of matching the success of their previous collaboration, “Crazy in Love,” the first single from her 2003 debut solo album, “Dangerously in Love.” Speaking of Jay-Z, In Touch weekly is reporting that Beyonce has put him on a diet to shed some extra pounds.

The singer, who reportedly went on a water and cayenne pepper diet to slim down quickly for “Dreamgirls,” has the rap mogul eating lean proteins and vegetables, and steering clear of candy, his favorite food. The effort has already resulted in a loss of about 15 pounds, the magazine reports. A source tells In Touch: “Beyonce likes a little meat on his bones, but not too much … [and Jay Z] was getting chunky.” Jay Z, 36, was reportedly thirty pounds lighter when he and Beyonce began dating in 2003. (Eurweb)

Oh really, B’Day eh? I would’ve loved to been a fly on the wall the day she told Jay-Z to lose the Team Chunk membership card. I still think that cayenne pepper water diet is fucking ridiculous. Wouldn’t that make your piss hot? I shudder at the thought. If I have to drink some shit that is going to make my turds come out like I’ve been eating a bag of flamin’ hot cheetos its not worth it.