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Melyssa Ford At ESPN’s Pre-Draft Celebration

April 30, 2006

Melyssa Ford At ESPN’s Pre-Draft Celebration

Melyssa Ford has been looking a lot like the black Tara Reid lately and that’s not a good thing. Seriously, doesn’t she look like that one friend we all have that gets trashed everytime they set foot in the club? And that I’ll-take-your-ass-down-to-Chinatown quick weave isn’t helping the cause by any means. If she’s going to go for that crazy, crackhead in the morning look she’s hit it right on the head. Even the people around her look nutty. Hated it!

Fresh Flicks: King Magazine Cover Party with Kelis

April 29, 2006
Fresh Flicks: King Magazine Cover Party with Kelis

Kelis, Tashera Simmons (wife of DMX), and two fierce bitches

Kelis & Mom, Damon Peruzzi & Kelis , and two more fierce bitches.

50 Cent Sounds Off On Oprah

April 28, 2006
50 Cent Sounds Off On Oprah

Ya man 5-0 is the latest rapper to sound off about his beef Oprah . . . and I doubt he’ll be the last. Shit, I expect a “Fuck Oprah Radio” mixtape cd hosted by DJ Drama by the end of May.
He usually saves his beefs for other rappers; this time, 50 Cent is going after Oprah Winfrey. In an interview with The Associated Press, 50 complained that Winfrey rarely invites rappers on her talk show: “I think she caters to older white women. Oprah’s audience is my audience’s parents,” the 29-year-old rapper said. “So, I could care less about Oprah or her show.”
He’s not alone in his resentment toward the talk show host cum media mogul. Rapper-actor Ludacris, aka Chris Bridges, said in the May issue of GQ magazine that Winfrey was “unfair” during a show he appeared on last October with co-stars from best-picture Oscar winner “Crash.” (continue)

Now I can see where Fiddy is coming from but if he didn’t care about Oprah then why would he even talk about her? Boy stop.

Fresh Flicks: BMI Atlanta Urban Showcase Party

April 28, 2006

Fresh Flicks: BMI Atlanta Urban Showcase Party

Lil Jon, Trey Songz and Karl Kani, and Ne-Yo.

Big Boi, Ne-Yo (LOL), and Trey Songs along with eye sores candy.

Could This Be The Beautiful Beginning of Tylra?

April 28, 2006

Could This Be The Beautiful Beginning of Tylra?

Tyra Banks may be well on her way on the I-got-some-delicious-penis-last-night-so-Chernobyl-could-happened-and-I-wouldn’t-care road to happiness. And for that I am happy for her. has learned that model and TV talk show host Tyra Banks has finally landed the man of her dreams – the famed writer/director Tyler Perry. According to recent reports, for the last month Tyra has been chasing Perry around the country in an attempt to get his attention. Now finally Tyra appears to have gotten through to the cross-dressing comic. In recent photos taken at a Los Angeles eatery, the new power couple is seen kissing during a romantic dinner. And a pal of the America’s Next Top Model host wasn’t shy in explaining to exactly how Tyra managed to snag the eligible bachelor. She told us, “Tyra was relentless, she saw him – she went after him – and now she has him.” She went on to say that “Tyler has really fallen for her, he’s already considering relocating to Los Angeles [from Atlanta].” (continue)

Tyra and Tyler (gosh that sounds so sweet) have been linked for months now. I just hope that she wasn’t really chasing his ass around the damn country. I promise you that its not that serious. I guess that white boy she was smooching is long gone. *makes a phone with fingers*

Don’t forget to check out Rich’s ANTM recap. They’re in Thailand and it’s a celebration.

See What Had Happened Was . . . .

April 28, 2006

See What Had Happened Was . . . .

So if you haven’t already heard, Cam’ron has been texting Beyonce something crazy lately. Since I don’t have spies like others gossip sites I’m going to assume that this is how things went down.

Alicia Keys On The Set of New Movie

April 28, 2006
Alicia Keys On The Set of New Movie

Whenever I see Alicia Keys I think about of three of things: First that Audrina girl from ‘College Hill’, then Proactiv, and last but not least that fucking “Unbreakable” song. Here are some pictures of Alicia on the set of her movie “The Nanny Diaries”, which looks like its going to be incredibly corny. Like on some ‘The Babysitters Club – The Series’ type shit. I hope she does a great job though!

Afternoon Buzz Quickie

April 27, 2006
Afternoon Buzz Quickie

Omaroacha Talks About Her New Titties, TomKat, And Everything In Between

The ubiquitous Omarosa Manigault Stallworth told BV Buzz that while she’s not ready to tender her crown as the Queen of Reality Television, there is one title she just conceded. “I have officially relinquished my title as the president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee,” she boasted over dinner at Clyde’s of Gallery Place in Washington, D.C.

Wearing a low-cut red and yellow gown by NuMe designer Victoria Shaffer, Omarosa proudly showed off her new bodacious bosom. “For the first time in my life, I have cleavage,” she said smiling, before admonishing: “Stop looking at my cleavage!” After my apology, she added that this was the first time she had cleavage that she didn’t have to manipulate herself before leaving the house.”Cleavage that is not constructed by a Victoria’s Secret pushup bra, silicone cutlet inserts or taping my boobs together. I’m so happy to have natural cleavage,” she said.

Her transformation from “a negative A-cup” to a “full voluptuous C-cup” was documented for television and will appear on a forthcoming episode of the Discovery Health series ‘Plastic Surgery: Before & After.’ Omarosa’s mother, Theresa Manigault, is also featured on the series. “I treated my mother to a total makeover. The makeover of her dreams,” Omarosa added. (AOL BlackVoices)

Coming to a King magazine swimsuit edition soon. . . I hope not.

Drama, Drama, and More Drama

Now, this is some crazy s**t! I’m getting word that the esteemed members of the Parks family are on a crusade (led by her nephew) to have Proof’s body removed from Detroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery Chapel where she is buried because its presence is “disrespectful to her memory.” “I don’t see the appropriateness of someone like this young rapper being buried with Rosa Parks,” William McCauley told “She was a person of nonviolence and obviously this young rapper had a different creed when it comes to resolving issues.” He never explicitly said he wanted Proof removed, but that’s what’s in circulation with the rumors. I can’t call it, but I’m certainly not in a position to judge. When I go, he’s not moving me – I’ll haunt him for real! (AHH Rumors)

Do I really need to say anything about that one?

Dispute snarls Rosa Parks’ estate; Family, lawyers haggle over how to divide it

Rosa Parks, Proof share Woodlawn mausoleum; It’s insult to rights leader, some say

Bless Her Heart

April 27, 2006

Bless Her Heart For Trying

Pancake 31 spokeswoman Golden Brooks was also at the Us Weekly event. As you can see she the HAM factor is so overwhelming that she had to have her own post. I was watching ‘Girlfriends’ a couple of nights ago scratching my head wondering why the hell she looks so different at these events. Bless her heart.

Fresh Flicks: Sanaa Lathan & Gabrielle Union At Gala Dinner For Rape Foundation

April 27, 2006
Fresh Flicks: Sanaa Lathan & Gabrielle Union At Gala Dinner For Rape Foundation

Sanaa has that same facial expression I give when I fart in public, opps.

2006 US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Ludacris, Sanaa and Gabby, Lil’ Jon, and Tyrese

Jermaine Dupri, Sanaa, Nick Cannon, and Ludacris