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December 31, 2005

Yeah it’s that time of year again good people. What better way to bring 2006 in better than a little H.A.M.? Submitted for your approval, Monica’s fiance’ (husband, baby daddy, sperm donor, whatever) 27th birthday party flicks and a fine example of what not to wear (it’s all her fault). Both links have a large amount of bare ass cheeks and H.A.M. like situations so be forewarned.


December 30, 2005

Mad Skillz’ ‘The Rap Up – 2005’

So I’m sitting here trying to pimp out my myspace profile, minding my own damn business when Essy sent me this link. This basically sums up everything I wanted to say about this year. You can thank Essy for this one. She saw it first, bitches.

Big Mac, Big Mac, Big Mac. Now where’s my check? (ya gotta download the song first to get it)

Big In 05

December 29, 2005

Big In 05

Since I would be here ALL day (so save your “you forgot so and so”) trying to put together an end of the year wrap up post, tell me what was some of your favorite moments/people/things that were big this year.

Fresh Crunk Juice

December 28, 2005
Hey everybody. I’s not dead, I’s in Africa. Sorry, I watched The Color Purple last night. Post are probably going to be pretty skim this week. It’s the end of the year and nothing is really popping off gossip wise. Now if you have something to talk about my all means hit me up, but my plate is pretty full until the beginning of next year. So if I don’t return your email right away don’t take it personal baybay. I’m still working on the link section as well.

Cant turn a hoe into a housewife /Hoes dont act right / Theres hoes on a mission, and hoes on a crackpipe / Hey hoe how ya doin, where ya been? / Prolly doin hoe stuff cuz there you hoe again – Ludacris “Ho”

Haha, lemme stop. I can’t prove that.
Kevin Federline is the nigga of the year. Let’s review the facts:

– He has a tribe of children of all different shades
– He’s in the process of working on his debut rap album
– His wife makes more money than he does
– He loves cornrows, wife beaters, and Newports
– He may be unemployed but that nigga still manages to own a Ferrari

Now that’s the American dream I’m trying to achieve. It don’t get no better. Did you know he had a myspace profile (although he lost some nigga points by saying ‘for real’). Boy stop.

Freshly Squeezed

December 26, 2005

Put You On The Game

Keisha Knight-Pulliam and Dallas Austin keep an eye on the game via courtside seats. The last trend we noticed going around Hollywood was black women dating white men. Now it seems as if little ethnic kids are all the rage. I’m going to have to put one on my Christmas list for next year.

Foxy’s Still On It . . .

Rapper Foxy Brown was handcuffed, threatened with jail and made to apologize Friday after she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in the direction of a judge who asked her to stop chewing gum.

Judge Melissa Jackson told Brown that she was showing disrespect to the court and had previously been “making faces” at the judge.”I don’t like her attitude,” Jackson told Brown’s lawyer Joseph Fleming. Brown, 25, who was in court to plead guilty to a misdemeanor from a ruckus at a nail salon, denied she was chewing gum. But the judge said she believed Brown was.

At that, Brown opened her mouth and wagged her tongue as if to show her mouth was empty. Jackson ordered the rapper handcuffed to the defendants’ bench along a courtroom wall. While Brown was being handcuffed, she and a female court officer yelled at each other. Brown shouted that the numerous bracelets and bangles on her left wrist “are in the way,” and, the judge said, Brown struck the officer. (continue reading, via nOva slim)

Christmas Is Ovah!

December 26, 2005

The Official Holiday Vent Post: Christmas Is Ovah!

Get it off your chest, you know you want to. I stole this picture from Eskay since he didn’t give me a present. Thanks to everybody who gave me Christmas love (‘pecially Saucy Dame Delux for the package). The same back to ya.


December 23, 2005

Wendy Williams looks HIT. It’s no other way to get around it. Why does she look like she has the same thick make-up that morticians put on corpses?

And Mary, we need to talk.


Jacki-O = Ignant

December 23, 2005

I’ve seen a lot of nigga moments in my day but this is right up there “Being Bobby Brown.” It’s not much I can say about this four minute clip. Keep it skreet!

Freshly Squeezed

December 22, 2005

Bre and Nik are getting their pose on again. They look lovely don’t you agree. Oh yeah, Lisa too.

– “Being Bobby Brown” last night was the greatest coon spectacle I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. I’m still having after shocks. How they got all of that mad niggerish footage condensed into 20 minutes amazes me. Bravo indeed, bravo. I don’t know where to begin so I’ll let my fo’fo Rich do it for me.

– It’s been seven years since the passing of Michelle Thomas, who many of you will remember as Myra from “Family Matters” and Theo’s girlfriend Justine from “The Cosby Show.” Pay tribute by visiting her memorial site, The Michelle Thomas Appreciation Page.

Old men in the club alert.

Looks like Al Sharpton’s reality television show won’t be coming to a small screen near you after all. I’ll try not to cry too hard.

– Miss Info and Fresh have cyber beef? Nah.

– Concrete Loop’s juicy tidbits.


December 22, 2005