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Freshly Squeezed

November 30, 2005
Damn, It Must Feel Good To Pay Less

What happened behind the scenes between Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton at the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons? Sources close to Atlanta Gossip (AG) says that the two pop divas had an altercation after Mariah spilled beer on Toni’s boots and walked away without an apology. To top it off Carey called the boots cheap. “Did those come from Payless?” she said. The singers were on hand to perform two songs at halftime at the nationally televised Thanksgiving Day game where Braxton sung the national anthem. Sources close to the Braxton camp say that Toni was really upset about the whole incident, but brushed it off her shoulder to go on and belt out the anthem. (via Atlanta Gossip)

More evidence that supports my theory that Mariah Carey is one crazy bitch. She is too old to be told. At least Toni didn’t come dressed like she was ready to hit the stroll after the game.

Fresh’s Two Cents

As previously mentioned earlier today Kirk Franklin appeared on “Oprah” to talk about his addiction to porn. When I first heard the buzz about this a few months back I couldn’t believe it. However reality sat in real quick and I put my judgments aside. Is he supposed to be immune to the same temptation as the next person just because he is a gospel star (I ripped that sentence off from “He Got Game”) ? Not all. At the end of the day Kirk is human. I applaud him for being man enough to come out to the general public to speak about his problem. In my opinion I believe that his appearance on Oprah will definitely get both sinners and sanctified people talking. It may also very well help another person suffering from the same addiction.

On the flip side of things I’m kind of salty that Oprah didn’t have any women on the show. I know quite a few females who have the same appetite for porn as a 21 year old frat boy. Gotta see all sides of the spectrum.

Blog Watch (you are being watched)

Linsay Lohag (not a spelling error) grinds on Juelz Santana a la Pretty Rickey.
Canada doesn’t heart Kanye West.
Saucy Dame talks fashion.
2005 H.A.M. Pageant

edit: ODB aka Saucy Dame is conducting a project called Ready For The World. Submit your pictures today! I’m trying to decide on which one of my 1,001 pictures to choose from.

Freshly Squeezed

November 30, 2005
Freshly Squeezed

Nigga Please: T.Pain is a unique sort of crooner, who brands his R&B style “Hard & B,” for its reality-based approach. But, Pain has only been singing roughly 9 months and the Tallahassee, Florida native was a rapper beforehand. “I’m definitely going to have to go back to rapping,” Pain told “Yeah I think ill switch it up on the next album. The R&B s**t still going to be there. I aint going to totally push back. It’s not just totally R&B right now.”

That cat is only 20? Hot damn he must’ve had a rough life. I thought that nigga was at least 26, off rip. And he’s only been singing for 9 months, shut up! [ /sarcasm] What I really want to know is what’s up with everybody trying to coin new phrases? First we had Crunk & B now we have Hard & B. It all sounds like shit, B.
– Last night Eva celebrated her 21st birthday at Lotus nightclub in NYC. She didn’t look anything like Josephine Baker to me but beautiful nonetheless. What was going on with her girl Naima though?

I didn’t even recognize her ass at first. 95 percent of the contestants who have appeared on America’s Next Top Model are one H.A.M. sammich away. For example. While I’m on the subject of Naima, she is scheduled to appear on Tyra today with her twin sister. I’m not sure if I am going to watch the episode because it looks like a straight tearfest. I don’t know about you but I am over people crying on television.

– Kirk Frankin will be Oprah today as well to talk about his addiction to pr0n. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about it.


Freshly Squeezed

November 29, 2005

Freshly Squeezed

Uh Oh, Ya Ass Goin’ To Jail: Singer Lumidee, whose real name is Lumiana DeRosa, was arrested at Laguardia International Airport on Friday November 25 after the Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) was tipped off that she was smuggling drugs into the United States. Police reportedly recovered over $1 million of frozen cocaine and over 7,000 exstacy tablets worth more than $500,000. DeRosa is reportedly involved in a suspected $50 million bicoastal drug ring, that also includes model Gloria Velez, who was also arrested on drug charges in 2004. Velez, was promoting the release of her calendar & DVD when she was charged after police seized 200 pounds of cocaine, $800,000 in cash and four other vehicles, where nearly $1 million cash was found. It was unclear how much money or drugs allegedly were pulled from Velez’s bus. Lumidee enjoyed a brief but successful stint in the music industry in 2003. Her single “Never Leave You (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)” topped the Billboard charts for 2 weeks that summer, and a remix featuring rapper Busta Rhymes enjoyed a substantial amount of chart success. The album failed to create any other hits, but the Recording Industry of America certified it gold with sales of over 500,000 copies.

Attention Please: I said it once and I’ll say it again, this is a gossip site. Is gossip true most of the time? No. Strictly hearsay. Therefore Lumidee’s friends and fans (the five of you left) stop filling my inbox.

Speaking of Gloria Velez, remember that infamous video of her going down on another chick? Clickty clak. NSFW of course.
– The 1st Annual Dirty Awards took place at the Georgia International Convention Center last night in Atlanta, GA. Killer Mike, Rasheeda, Da Boyz N Da Hood, Nik from ANTM, Paul Wall, Diamond and Princess (from the group Crime Mob, who looked a certified a mess), Slim Thug, and Field Mob were some of the southern stars who came out. Hit up Gettyimages for pictures from the event. Next year we going Grayse!

– Top Model Diva Eva is celebrating her 21st birthday tonight. Next time I have a birthday party I want to channel Whitney Houston.

– Like most straight women I tend to gravitate towards, ahem, men who are in touch with their femininity. Thus my love for Miss Jay. But enough is enough. Did ya’ll know (s)he had a young son? Shocked the hell outta me.

– These two better not try to steal Christmas this year . . .


At any rate Brandy was spotted in Miami at American Airlines Arena last night as the Heat played the Knicks. Its cool if her and Quentin remained friends after the break up but baby girl looked like she was in stalker mode.

One thing

November 28, 2005
One quick question.

Freshly Squeezed

November 28, 2005

Freshly Squeezed

Ashanti recently shot the video for her new song “Still On It.” I must admit that I am feeling this joint. But from the looks of things I don’t know if I’m going to feel the same about the video. As long as she doesn’t attempt to dance we’re cool.

A Must Have For The Game Fans!
Stop Snitchin – Stop Lyin is the most controversial DVD in hip hop history. Multi-platinum rapper The Game is in rare form giving the world an inside look at what really went down after leaving his popular “unit” and dropping “300 Bars,” including the beginnings of the “G-UNot” movement. In “Stop Snitchin – Stop Lyin,” The Game candidly talks about his rap career, personal life, ex-label mates, and exposes the truth about the fall out with his former crew with help from the Black Wall Street camp and numerous other celebrities. There are no secrets kept inside this DVD, The Game exposes the whole truth and then some along his mission to hunt down “five-0” that takes him from Los Angeles through New York City (including a stop to the G-UNot billboard in Jamaica Queens), finally ending in Farmington, Connecticut outside of 50’s house in a final show down between The Game against the unit you must see to believe! (via

What a fucking waste. Order now for $ 16.99. All proceeds will go to buying new computer equipment for the inner city youth of Compton. I’m lying.

Nigga Please

“I’m not tryna be like Will Smith cause Will Smith is not a real rapper. He was more of a bubble gum rapper. The only real rappers out there right now are Me, Kanye, 50, and maybe Jay. But Jay ain’t in it like that no more.” – Bow Wow

Trend Watch

Everyone from Diana Ross to Tyra Banks has one now. I’ve been thinking about trading mine in for one of the new models as well.


Parishioners of a downtown Houston church held Sunday services in a temporary building because a fire gutted their place of worship.S ervices for St. John’s United Methodist Church were held in its youth center on Sunday. Investigators believe a faulty light fixture started the fire that damaged much of the church on Wednesday.The youth center was built with donations from Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child.


But what’s new? Anyways, gotta run watch Superhead on “Tyra.” This should be good.

Out on the Town

November 26, 2005

Out on the Town

– On Thanksgiving Day the 14th Annual Ryan Cameron Celebrity Bowling Challenge took place at the Atlanta Fun Center in Stone Mountain, GA. ATL all-stars like Chris Tucker, Monica (along with her husssbandRock), Big Boi and Ludacris came out to enjoy the fun.

– I’ve peeped Vivica and Star Jones out together on more than one occassion in the past but now another B-list celeb has been added to the equation. I just want to know one thing.


– Here we go! The rhinestone princess Trina was at the DJ Khaled Birthday Party on 11.23 at the Mansion Nightclub in Miami Beach, FL. She performed along side her baby Weezy F. (the “F” stands for FEMA now by the way) Baby on stage. I must be going crazy because these two are starting to grow on me a little.

– Last but not least Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted coming out of a midtown restaurant yesterday. Its amazing how people (myself included obviously) make a big deal out of these two. Oh well, I can’t help it. While Kelly was out in Lala land to pick up two American Music Awards (and Michelle stuck in a Motel 6 in Texas washing Beyonce’s wigs), Bey was out in NYC shooting the video for “Check On It”, the new upcoming single from Destiny’s Child #1’s at the Sony Studios. Hype Wiliiams directed the clip which features fellow Houstonians Slim Thug and Bun B.

Okay gang that’s pretty much it for now. I didn’t plan on posting today but you know how it is. You come online in the middle of a “Good Times” marathon for a recap and end up staying for two hours. Ciao until Monday!

The Morning After

November 25, 2005
The Morning After

Today is my favorite day out the year next to my birthday – – black Friday. Razors are pulled, curse words fly in the air, and threats are exchanged. This could easily describe the Thanksgiving day my family enjoyed the day before but I’m talking about those crazy mofos out there in your local K-Mart. Not only can you buy 85 percent of the items on your Christmas gift list for crackhead prices, you can watch an old white woman get her shit pushed back in Wal-Mart over a $9.99 crock pot. Success!
Every year the gods of crunk look down on all the patrons doing their holiday shopping. So be easy; your best bet would be to do your shopping online.Unless you’re a drama queen like me.


The internet has been going nuts speculating that is Nik’s girlfriend. I highly doubt it, she looks more like her sister if anything. Anyways, these pictures were snapped at AmericaSmart in ATL on 11.19. Visit Sandra Rose for more flicks.

RIP Mr. Miyagi (rappers please wait at least a week before you put the man on your black tee)

The Best Thankgiving Ever

November 24, 2005
The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Announce Their Divorce
(Guess who’s together after all these years?)

Freshly Squeezed

November 23, 2005

Freshly Squeezed

– When you’re as obsessive as Pharrell Williams about crafting melodies and spaced-out hip-hop club beats, you don’t even have to think about making a solo album. It just happens. Williams, one-half of the Neptunes hitmaking team — and the best-dressed man in the world, according to Esquire magazine — was fiddling around in the lab between recording sessions with artists like Mariah Carey, Omarion and Slim Thug, when out popped his new CD “In My Mind.” “When I’m working on certain acts — in between sessions, before the session, after the session, or like while they’re at lunch — I stay working, and I make beats,” Williams told asap last week while preparing for a Vibe Awards rehearsal. (continue reading)
– Songstress Ashanti is rumored to be at the top of the list of new artists being eyed by Bad Boy Entertainment. The fate of Ashanti’s label The Inc. is undetermined, with its current status being halted by a federal investigation for money laundering and racketeering. Bad Boy is newly distributed through Atlantic and insiders say that executives are hoping to woo Ashanti to their new home. Her last album Concrete Rose was released late last year on the boutique label, went it was still under the Island Def Jam umbrella.
– ATL’s finest come together to recreate famous 1958 ‘A Great Day in Harlem’ photo by Art Kane. On Friday, what seemed to be impossible was done. More than 50 members of Atlanta’s music community came out to stand together, unified. Literally. Call it “A Great Day in Atlanta.” T.I., Ludacris, Bobby Valentino, members of Disturbing Tha Peace, the Ying Yang Twins, T-Mo and Kujo Goodie, TLC’s T-Boz, the ladies of Crime Mob, Organized Noize, Killer Mike, Field Mob (okay I’m hating, them niggas are from Albany, GA not ATL), Mr. Collipark, Jermaine Dupri, influential music exec Kawan “KP” Prather, DJ Crew the Aphilliates, Bone Crusher, Boys N Da Hood, Young Jeezy and others gathered to recreate the famous 1958 “A Great Day in Harlem” photo by Art Kane. For the original, Kane assembled close to 60 members of the jazz community in New York’s Harlem neighborhood — including Count Basie, Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Henry “Red” Allen — to pose together. The ATL gathering will be part of the upcoming MTV special “My Block: Atlanta.” (via
You can see plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and the actual “A Great Day in Atlanta” photo which was taken by Amanda Marsalis December 11 at 4:30 p.m. ET on MTV2.

This goes out to my BX crew: Remy Ma is giving away 600 turkeys and 400 hams (the good ones) for families in need today. Visit Beautiful Hustle for more info.

– Did anybody watch the AMA’s last night? I forgot all about it!

Don’t Feed The Animals!

November 22, 2005